Mr Pratheesh Maheswaran - B.Sc (Biochemistry with Forensic Science) (QMUL) , M.Sc (Pharmacology) (OXFORD)

Lecturer (Probationary) in Pharmacy
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    • Lecturer (Probationary) in Pharmacy
    • 2015/16 Member of Planning Committee, Faculty of Medicine
    • 2015/16: General Secretary at the Jaffna Science Association (JSA)
    • 2014/15: Assistant General Secretary at the Jaffna Science Association (JSA)

    Nov 12 – Jan 13        Dr Pollard’s Lab, Nuffield Dept of Med, Oxford         Research Placement

    • Studied the consequences of loss of function of the Krebs cycle enzyme fumarate hydratase, particularly dysregulated cellular metabolism, which is linked to oncogenesis, using wide range of molecular biology techniques.


    Oct 11 – Sept 12                          University of Oxford                           MSc in Pharmacology

    • Research Project (4 months): Supervisor: Professor Chris Schofield – Focused on identifying a new generation of histone demethylase inhibitors, utilizing synthetic chemistry and adopting virtual screening strategy. The work was presented to over 40 members of Professor Schofield’s group in the Chemistry Department.


    Dec 11 – Jan 12       Dr Churchill’s lab, Dept of Pharm, Oxford      Volunteer Research Asst

    • Prepared membranes and used radioactive nicotinic binding assay to study in vivo NAADP synthesi
    • Used Sea Urchin eggs as a model to identify active compounds for cADPR signaling from a FDA approved drug library.
    • Maintained large drug library and used automated fluorescence plate reader to study calcium emission.


    Oct 06 – Jun 09     Queen Mary, Uni of London  (BSc 2.1)     Biochemistry with Forensic Science

    • Final year project (4 months): Supervisor: Professor Alexander Ruben “Alterations of PSI light harvesting antenna composition affects state transitions in Arabidopsis thaliana”.     Obtained distinction and findings are published in the Nature Plants journal
    • Benson SL, P. Maheswaran, Ware MA, Hunter CN, Horton P, Jansson S, Ruban AV and Johnson MP (2015). An Intact Light Harvesting Complex I Antenna System is required for complete State Transitions in Arabidopsis. Nature Plants, 1, 15176


    • Adam, J., M. Yang, Bauerschmidt, M. Kitagawa, L. O’Flaherty, S. Rossell, P. Maheswaran, L. Zheng, R. A. Notebaart, G. Özkan, N. Sahgal, D. Baban, K. Kato, K. Saito, M. Stratford, E. Guade, C. Pugh, D. Tenant, C. Ludwig, C. Frezza, B. Davies, P. Ratcliffe, M. El-Bahrawy, H. Ashrafian, T. Soga, and P.J Pollard. (2013).  A Role For Cytosolic Fumarate Hydratase In Urea Cycle Metabolism And Renal Neoplasia. Cell Reports. 3, 1440 – 1448.