Dr (Mrs) S Udhayakumar - BVSc (Peradeniya), MPhil (Colombo)

Senior lecturer Gr (I)
Department of Anatomy,
Faculty of Medicine,
University of Jaffna.
Email : sivananthini3@yahoo.com

Field of Specialisation : Gross Anatomy Related to heart and vasculature

Email address – sivananthini01@gmail.com

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=Ua-W5YwAAAAJ&hl=en

    2008 –  to date                 : Senior Lecturer

    Jan. 2000 –   Dec.  2007  : Lecturer

    Nov 1998  –   Jan 2000    : Demonstrator

    Jan 1998   –  June 1998    : Internee

    Current appointments:

    1. Coordinator for pre-clinical studies, Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna from 10.03.2009 – 31.12.2010 & 01.12.2016 to date
    2. Member of Monitoring & Evaluation subcommittee of the center for Gender Equity & Equality, University of Jaffna

    Past positions / appointments

    1. Head, Department of Anatomy, faculty of Medicine from 01.05.2012 – 30.04.2015
    2. Faculty representative for improving English Language Skills under University Development Grant [UDG] HETC project from 2010-2014
    3. Student counsellor, Faculty of Medicine from 03.04.2014 – 01.09.2015
    4. Member of board of study in Medical Sciences of the Faculty of Graduate Studies from 01.04.2014 for one year
    5. Treasurer – Faculty of Medicine Teacher’s Association- year 2009/2010

    Visiting appointments

    1. Visiting lecturer in Anatomy for Unit of Siddha Medicine (BSMS), University of Jaffna from 2017
    2. Visiting lecturer in Anatomy for Allied Health Science Unit (AHS), Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna
    3. Visiting lecturer in Anatomy and Physiology for B.Sc. in Nursing course at Open University of Sri Lanka, Jaffna Regional Centre from 2014-2016
    4. Visiting lecturer in Public Health Inspectors training (Diploma Course), Regional Training Centre, Jaffna in 2010 & from 2015 – 2017


    Full papers

    1. Rajendraprasad R &Sivananthini S; Abnormal hepatic artery – a case report.  Anatomical Adjuncts Vol.3, No.3 2003 pp 31 to 33
    2. S Udhayakumar and S Yasawardene A Preliminary study on anatomy of the main trunk of left coronary artery in Sri Lankans Proceedings of Jaffna University Research Conference (JUICE 2012) full paper published in March 2014 pp 129 – 135
    3.  Yokanathan Vaseethan, Sivananthini Udhayakumar . Multiple arterial variations in the right upper limb. Anatomy Journal of Africa 2014 ; 3 (2) : 313 – 317
    4. Sivananthini Udhayakumar and S G Yasawardene.  Morphological and morphometric analysis of mitral valve leaflets in a Sri Lankan population – Fresh Autopsy Study. Proceedings of  1st Annual International Conference on Macroscopic & Microscopic Anatomy (CMMA 2014) , Singapore, 21 – 22 July 2014, pp 7 – 14   
    5. Aortic annular measurements in fresh post-mortem hearts: a study in Sri Lankans’ -Ceylon Medical Journal 2015; 60: 148-151

     Research Communications

    1.  Sivananthini U,  (2006) The location of coronary arterial ostia in the normal hearts of Sri Lankans. Proceedings of the fourteenth  Annual Session of Jaffna Science Association.P 54
    2. Udhayakumar S and Yasawardene S G (2012). Morphological variations of the papillary muscles of mitral valve in normal human hearts. Proceedings of the nineteenth Annual Session of Jaffna Science Association. P 44
    3. Udhayakumar S and Yasawardene S G (2012) A preliminary study on Anatomy of the main trunk of left coronary artery in Srilankans. Proceedings of the jaffna University international Conference  (JUICE 2012) pp.108
    4. S.Uthayakumar and SG Yasawardena (2012) An autopsy study on aortic annular measurements at the sinutubular junction in adult Sri Lankans. Proceedings of the 68th Annual Sessions of Sri Lankan Association for the Advancement of Science. pp.09
    5. S Udhayakumar  and R Niranjan  (2013). Anomalous origin of the left vertebral artery – A case report. Proceedings of the Twentieth  Annual Session of Jaffna Science Association. P 19
    6. R Niranjan and S Udhayakumar (2013) Communication between the musculocutaneous nerve and median nerve – A case report. Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual Session of Jaffna Science Association. P 18
    7. Vaseethan Yokanathan and Sivananthini Udhayakumar. Anomalous division of axillary artery and accompanying abnormal neurovascular relationship – A case study. Poster presentation at International Conference of Eastern University 2013. pp 73.
    8. Vaseethan Yokanathan and Sivananthini Udhayakumar. Multiple arterial variations in the upper limb and its clinical significance – a case report. Poster presentation at Jaffna Medical Association Annual Scientific Sessions 2013. pp 41.
    9.   Romini Niranjan, Sivananthini S and Surangi G Yasawardene (2014) Branching pattern of inferior thyroid artery and its relationship to the recurrent laryngeal nerve in Sri Lankans Proceedings of the 1stRuhunu International Science and Technology Conference (RISTCON 2014) pp 37.

    10.  Yokanathan Vaseethan and Sivananthini Udhayakumar (2014) Formation of median nerve by three roots and its relation with axillary artery – a case report.  Proceedings of the twenty first Annual Session of the Jaffna Science Association p 46.

    11. S Udhayakumar and S G Yasawardene (2014) Fresh autopsy study of dimensions of adult  mitral valve in Sri Lankans. Proceedings of the Peradeniya  University International Research Sessions, Sri Lanka (iPURSE), Vol. 18, 4th & 4th July 2014 pp 275

    12. R Niranjan, S Udhayakyumar and SG Yasawardene (2014) Variation in position of isthmus of thyroid and location of parathyroid glands in a Sri Lankan population. Poster presentation at Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA) 127th Anniversary International Medical Congress 15th – 18th July 2014. pp 149.

    13. Romini N, Udhayakumar S, Yasawardene SG (2014). Anatomical location of parathyroid glands in relation to the cricoid cartilage and tracheal rings. Jaffna Medical Faculty Overseas & Local  Alumni Association Joint Scientific Session (JMFOA) 18th -19th of July 2014, pp 48

    .Poster presentation

          SUmayal S , Sohana, Udhayakumar S and Niranjan R (2018) Anatomical variation in the origin of lateral cord of brachial plexus and median nerve- a case report, in proceeding of the 1st undergraduate student research symposium, Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna- August 2018, Vol 1

    1. Member RHDC, Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna
    2. Life Member, Sri Lanka Veterinary Association
    3. Life member, SLAAS
    4. Life Member, JSA
    5. Life member of ALUMNI, Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna