1. Organizing an office at Jaffna Medical Faculty including a full time secretary.
  2.  Regular meetings of the office bearers to plan current and future actives to look after the interest of the Jaffna Medical Faculty, the Membership and the community we serve.
  3. Looking after the student’s welfare and assist Medical Student Union.
  4. Coordinating local activities with other supportive organizations across the world.
  5. Encouraging membership at local and international level.
  6. Development and maintenance of Faculty Web site

Future plans

 Organize a mobile medical service including purchasing a vehicle to provide health care services to the rural community which has limited access to health care.

  1. Organizing clinical lectures, seminars, CME activities for undergraduate and post graduate levels
  2. Develop a guest house in Jaffna for the visiting teachers and scholars.
  3. Develop a fully functioning office at the Medical Faculty.
  4. Increasing net working with the Jaffna Alumni at local and international level.
  5. Take step to start a Medical Journal.
  6. Increase involvement of community oriented health projects