Current Activities

  1. 1. Coordinating student scholarship and other funding projects from different the North American Chapters of JMFOA and Medical Institute of Tamils(MIOT) UK
  2. Supported various ways for the students affected by the war and provided health services for the internal displaced people.
  3. UK Alumni for helping in academic upgrading in various ways for postgraduates and undergraduates giving lectures and clinical sessions.
  4. Assist the Faculty environmental project in maintaining the garden around the Faculty premises.
  5. Fund raised to purchase of mobile health vehicle to increase the community outreach and engagement of the Faculty through the health services, education and research programs.
  6. Providing office secretary support for the Faculty of medicine to maintain an efficient office for ethical review committee (ERC) of Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna.
  7. Supporting the undergraduate to present the research papers in National & International research conferences.
  8. Helping the Faculty to strengthen the undergraduate education, developing postgraduate courses and students and staff research activities with the Overseers Alumni and well-wishers.
  9. Developing a comprehensive database of the Alumni and maintain the tie with the Faculty and provide a platform for better networking.
  10. Looking for more international and national collaborations to develop the education and research program for the staff at the Faculty, and the students.
  11. Organizing education and research symposiums in regular basis jointly with the Faculty and academic organizations.
  12. Creating more scholarships for short term training postgraduates’ courses for the staff at the Faculty.
  13. Promoting student electives, scholarships for the student research and other Faculty activities
  14. Supporting the Faculty to publish journals and conduct research conferences.
  15. Engaging with the Faculty for community outreach and empowerment activities through health services, education and research.
  16. Improving the coordination among the Alumni for the effective delivery of the organization.
  17. Involving any relevant activities which is necessary for the betterment of students, staff and the community.