Medical Education Cell (MEC)

The goals of the MEC are-

  • Arranging workshops, training programs etc. for development of Medical Education.
  • Recommending changes in the curriculum to the Faculty.
  • Monitoring medical education
  • Conducting teacher evaluations
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Supervising the work of the photographic unit.

Specific Aims and objectives:
The Unit for Medical Education and Photography is expected to –

  • Carryout teacher evaluations
  • Carryout course evaluations and recommend curricular reforms
  • Evaluate student assessments [examinations] and suggest improvements
  • Arrange staff development activities
  • Improve the quality of teaching materials produced by the teachers
  • Development of Fixed Instructional and Learning Materials
  • Recording and documenting rare and important illnesses and their features.
  • Helping teaching and research of the staff members and students
  • The photography section will also facilitate social harmony among teachers and students
  • Engage in any other activity to improve the quality of the students as guided by the MEC and the Faculty.

The Membership is opened to all persons interested in Medical Education. The Faculty board will appoint such members to the MEC. The present membership is,

Dr. Ms. M. G. Sathiadas (Chairperson)
Dr. (Mrs.)N.Umasankar, Secretary
The All Staff members of the MEU
All Heads of Departments