Workshop on a performance score card for the internal Quality Assurance units of universities

 Workshop on a performance score card for the internal quality assurance units of universities

 The Internal Quality Assurance Unit of the Universities plays a significant role in the establishment and maintenance of standards of quality in the total educational experience a University would have to offer their prospective students. Hence a performance score card has been developed by the QAAC in the UGC to provide guidance for the IQAU activities.


 The general objective of the IQAU is to promote a quality assurance culture within the university.

The specific objectives are to:

 Institutionalize the quality assurance culture in accordance with national quality assurance and accreditation guidelines international practice

  • Ensure that the university’s quality assurance procedures are designed following the QAAC guidelines and national requirement
  • Develop, maintain and enhance quality of education and people’s perception in favour of the university through consistent quality assurance practice and performance
  • Build an image of the university which would have the confidence of the stakeholders ensuring transparency, accountability, and good practices in all aspects of management and
  • Prepare the university to meet the external quality assurance assessment and accreditation requirements.

Resource Persons     :

Dr.(Mrs.)M.G.Sathiadas,Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Paeditrics

Dr.K.Sivapalan, Retired Professor, Dept. of Physiology

Target Group            : Heads of Departments, Academic staffs, CAAs, Clerks and Technical Officers