Fertility Awareness Day & Book Launch on Fertility Explanations

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Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and the Department of Surgery collaboratively conducted the fertility awareness program and launched a book on 02nd December 2022 at Hoover auditorium at 2.00 pm. There is becoming an alarming rate of the fertility problem and causing a significant socio-economic burden to our community. However, there is a lack of strategy and resources related to these fertility issues, although there are insignificant collaborative activities and community-based programs in this big social-level issue.

Therefore, the Faculty of Medicine has taken a step to act as a role model to create awareness regarding this at the social level and consequently, this would increase the capacity of community service members’ involvement efficiently. As a first step, this week has been celebrated at the national level as the fertility awareness week, with advocacy events and recommendations in related to this matter. In addition to that a book entitled “Subfertility explanations and solutions” had been launched. This book provides essential information in detail and is easy to understand for ordinary couples about the challenges, medical issues and existing treatment options with fertility.