Geriatric Care Model for Northern Province, Sri Lanka

A workshop regarding Community Co-Designed Geriatric Care Model for Northern Province, Sri Lanka was held on 18th of January 2023 from 10.00 am to 1.30 pm at the board room of Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna.

The keynote speech was addressed by Dr. S. Kumaran (Senior Lecturer, Department of Community and Family Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna) on “Community based geriatric care sharing the experience”.

Dr. Kesavan was explained about the services for the elderly care in the community with the help of social services and local government. He stated about the rehabilitation system in Polannaruwa. In addition to this he was requested to make the programme sustainable by doing costed plan, measurable objectives, timeline and factors for sustainability. Thereafter preferred to go for the funding. Furthermore he proposed two committees for elder care.

Dr. Coonghe was suggested to incorporate geriatric care with other organizations including elder society and community organizations. He stated about the need of community volunteers training programme to develop sustainablility. In addition to this he suggested to arrange a meeting for caregivers among themselves once a month. Furthermore he requested to develop short video clips in local language for educating caregivers.

Dr. Ketheeswaran was said about the Primary Care Strengthening Project. In that project they have especially focused in screening of NCD among people who are above 35 years. He stated that they can include elderly care with that NCD screening programme. Furthermore he was suggested to do a pilot study in selected 1 or 2 hospitals in each district with the help of volunteers and thereafter scale up to other hospitals in Northern Province.

Mr. Someshan was questioned about how all your initiatives translate into policy. Furthermore he requested to engage with policy planners in Northern Province government as well as the Central province government.

Dr. Thileepan was said about the elder care programmes which was conducted in Kilinochchi and mentioned the challenges facing by the elderly services.

Dr. Raguraman stated about how they can support with sustainability of care and to make policy strong.

Ms. Yalini was explained about the nutritional care which have been conducting by Family Health Centre primary care system among elders.

Mr. Kajan was explained the elder care programmes which are conducting by them.