About Us

The Centre for Digital Epidemiology (CoDE) is a non-profit academic research institute established in 2023 with the aim of advancing knowledge, strengthening research activities, and disseminating in epidemiology. CoDE conducts multi-disciplinary research, community engagement initiatives, training courses, and educational programmes under the umbrella of the University of Jaffna’s Faculty of Medicine.



To be a Centre of excellence in research in epidemiology.


To advance knowledge and learning in research, teaching and community outreach in epidemiology through comprehensive academic, scientific and ethical principles.


  1. Generate over 50 million rupees worth of grant

  2. Produce more than 50 publications in international journals

  3. Train 15 interdisciplinary early career researchers

  4. Build leadership in existing core academic staff

  5. Enroll at least 5 PhD among early career researchers

  6. Inform health care strategy for Northern province