Students from other state and international universities are welcomed to do elective programme in our department with prior approval from the Dean, faculty of Medicine and the coordinator for elective appointments. Details for requirements and procedures can be obtained from Dean’s office.

An Elective student can involve in the following activities held weekly in the unit.

  1. Daily ward rounds

One consultant will take lead of male and female ward.  The team comprises post graduate trainees senior house officers, house officers and final year medical students.

  1. Ward class usually taken for medical students at 11.00 AM and also at 4.00 PM
  2. There will be two student seminars held each week on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Each session includes an emergency topic and a medical procedure.
  3. 2 symposia take place each month.  The common topics are the chronic illness like diabetes, chronic kidney disease etc.
  4. The unit conducts 2 out patient clinics in a week on Thursdays and Fridays.  Varieties of internal medical problems are being followed up and it provides ample opportunity to learn physical signs.
  5. On casualty days (7/month) students are exposed to variety of medical emergencies at emergency unit.
  6. In addition students take care and follow up patients at medical intensive care unit and coronary care unit.
  7. Diabetic centre provides opportunity for students to learn about prevention treatment and close follow up of diabetic patients.
  8. Students are being accompanied for various radiological and invasive procedures.  That gives them an opportunity to witness the procedures very closely.
  9. Students can use the ward laboratory to do certain investigation under the supervision of technical officers.