Undergraduate Research

The Community Medicine Curriculum requires all medical students to undertake a research project during the third and fourth year of the undergraduate programme. The students are expected to select a health problem/topic of interest, conceptualize their research questions, and design an appropriate methodology, under the guidance of two supervisors. The project is carried out by groups of 5 students, and an interdisciplinary approach to research is encouraged. The following undergraduate research projects have been completed to date.

40th batch (tentative)

39th batch

38th batch

37th batch

36th batch

35th batch

34th batch

33rd batch

32nd batch

31st batch

30th batch

29th batch

28th batch

27th batch

26th batch

25th t batch

24th batch

23rd batch

22nd batch

21st batch

20th batch

19 th batch

18th batch

17th batch

16 th batch

15th batch

14 th batch

13th batch

12th batch

11th batch

10th batch

9th batch

8th batch

7th batch