Our Research

The incidence of Oesophageal cancer is on the rise in Sri Lanka over the last decade and becoming a significant health problem. A disproportionately higher incidence of oesophageal cancer has been reported among the Tamil speaking Sri Lankans.

This preliminary study aims to identifying the prevalence of oesophageal premalignant lesions (squamous dysplasia, koilocytotic atypia) and the correlation with risk factors. The finding of this study may pave the way to identify the high-risk category of individuals. In the event, a high-risk category is identified, we can proceed with the next phase of the study where OGD can be performed in the high-risk category. The ultimate aim is to figure out whether oesophageal cancer screening could be established for high-risk patients so that the disease could be identified at the premalignant course or at an early stage to improve survival outcomes of this dreaded disease.


Determination of the prevalence of esophageal premalignant lesions in Tamil patients undergoing OGD at Teaching hospital, Jaffna and the factors associated with premalignant lesions.

Target Population

All Tamil patients above 18 years undergoing OGD at the Endoscopy Unit of Teaching Hospital, Jaffna, presenting with dyspeptic, gastric acid reflux symptoms.

Research Protocol

Six patients out of 159 were identified with low grade dysplasia yet.