Student Resources


The Department of Pathology has a Museum for the students to study the macroscopy of pathological processes. It has more than 300 mounted specimens from all the systems of the human body, which display diseased tissue at the macroscopic level, preserved in formalin. Specimens are obtained from organs removed surgically or from tissue obtained at autopsy, where the natural history of disease is in full view.

All the specimens in the museum are arranged in one or other of two major groups. One group comprises collections of specimens according to pathological processes such as congenital, inflammation and healing, vascular, neoplasia etc. The second group comprises collections of specimens under organ systems, such as cardiovascular, central nervous, renal etc.

Student Laboratory

Clinical Pathology Appointment

This consists of a clinical pathology appointment of 2weeks duration. This is a hospital laboratory based appointment which covers the practical aspects of Biochemistry,Haematology , Histopathology  and Microbiology