Academic activities

Academic activates are Undergraduate studies in forensic medicine begin in third year (5 th term of medical curriculum and continue to the 11 th term) with clinical and lecture

In lectures we cover the topics of medico legal practices, duties of MO, medical ethics, Death and post mortem, injury types and pattern, asphyxia, child and sexual abuse, poisoning.

In museum, we have specimens related to forensic pathology, and explanation about the specimens, injury pattern, which are help to reconstruct the events.

Clinical appointments are held in Teaching hospitals Jaffna, All students are divided into groups and each group are appointed for clinical base studies for four weeks. They are guided by the consultant JMO. They are taught about the medico legal procedure, fill the MLR, MLEF, legal approach of patients by history taking and examination, seen visit, observe the postmortem examination and court visit



Evaluation Report of Department of Forensic Medicine Curriculum Summary 2013/2014 up to Date:

  Term – 05 Term – 06 Term – 07 Term – 08 Term – 09 Total
Lecture 17 24 25 09 23 98
Tutorial 08 12 08 02 08 38
Museum 00 00 12 00 08 20
Clinical           48
Total 25 36 45 11 39 204