Service Functions

The division offers the following free laboratory services to the Jaffna Teaching Hospital and other hospitals in the northern region

  1. Microscopic examination of the fecal sample for the diagnosis of intestinal parasites
  2. Microscopic examination of the blood sample for the diagnosis of Malarial and filarial parasites.
  3. Microscopic examination of the vaginal swaps for the diagnosis of Tricomonas vaginalis
  4. Microscopic examination of the needle aspirates taken from the lesion for the diagnosis of Cutaneous leishmaniasis
  5. Examination of the soil sample for the presence of animal hook worm larva which causes cutaneous or visceral larva migrants
  6. Gross identification of the parasitic worms isolated from the patients
  7. Species Identification of the snakes, scorpions and other venomous creatures brought to the JTH along with the victims.