Academic activities

The teaching of pathology is conducted through subspecialties such as Histopathology, Haematology and Chemical pathology. The main teaching commitment of our department is for the 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students of the MBBS course and the students of the Allied health science (AHS) course.

Courses Involved

MBBS degree program

Allied Health sciences

  • B.Sc. Nursing program
  • B.Sc. Pharmacy
  • MLS (Medical Laboratory Sciences) program

The Department of Pathology is actively involved in teaching programs across a large range of undergraduate students. Undergraduate studies in Pathology begin in third year (5th term of the medical curriculum and continue to the 11th term)) for MBBS students and complete in the 4th year. It starts in 1styearfor AHS Students.

The undergraduate course includes General and Systemic Pathology, Haematology and Chemical Pathology. Teaching learning activities include lectures, tutorials, small group discussions,histopathology, and clinical pathology practical classes and clinical Pathology appointment.

Lecture discussions is delivered by the department staff and extended faculty staffs. Practical classes are conducted in the laboratory with the aim of developing basic skills related to the diagnosis of various diseases. Introduction to clinical pathology begins at the 5th term and continues up to 16th term. Students are exposed to the hospital laboratory for 2 weeks. During this period they have to follow and understand the laboratory procedures from the time of a specimen reaching the laboratory to the final writing of the report, issued to clinician.

There are 2 continuous assessments and 1 main exam. Pathology is assessed by MCQs, SBAs, SEQs and OSPEs.

For the AHS students the department involved in lectures, practical training for histopathology and supervision of undergraduate research.