The Department of Anatomy is medoted to teach Anatomy to undergraduate Medical and Allied Health Science students. It also promotes research among staff members and students. The curriculum consists of gross anatomy, histology, Neuro-anatomy, embryology, medical genetics and applied anatomy. The total credits allocated for learning Anatomy in the revised curriculum is 30.4 (out of 254.5) which reflects the importance of the subject in the MBBS course.

The overall aim of the Department is to provide adequate knowledge on gross and microscopic structure of the human body and its embryological development – to understand the pathological changes, clinical conditions and their management.

The commitment and leadership of present and former staff members has greatly contributed in the development of the Department, especially by renowned Late Prof. R. Kanagasunderam who served as the Head of the Department of Anatomy and also as the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine for a few years. He is one of the three authors of the textbook which has been used as the Dissection Manual for undergraduate Medical students to teach / learn gross anatomy.

At present the Department caters for more than 150 undergraduate students from four different courses. The main research interests are related to intestinal microvasculature, cardiovascular system, Medical genetics and reproductive system.