Welcome to Department of Pharmacology webpage. Our department involves in teaching the principles of drug therapy, clinical medicine and therapeutics to the undergraduates.  The department has been supported by the extended faculty and clinical departments.

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Jaffna was established on 7th of August 1978. At that time Pharmacology along with Psychiatry functioned as a division of the Department of Medicine. In 1988 it has become the Department of Pharmacology and Prof. T. Saravanabavanathan was the first Head of the Department of Pharmacology. At that time several activities including researches were carried out by the Department of Pharmacology. In the following years due to the civil war the staff number declined. But, academic activities of the department continued with the support of staff from the Department of Medicine especially Dr. (Mrs.) J. Ganeshamoorthy and the extended faculty. Now the department has started to medelop again.