Elective Appointment in Psychiatry

The Department of Psychiatry offers elective appointment for students from local and international universities. Please click here to know how to apply for an elective appointment.

Elective students can get exposure in the following.

  • Acute inpatient unit at Base Hospital Tellipalai
    • Clinical manifestation of a variety of common and rare mental disorders
    • Assessment and management of forensic clients
    • Pharmacological and non-pharmacological management of mental illnesses in poor resource settings
    • The use of electroconvulsive therapy in psychiatry
    • The involvement of multi-disciplinary team in the management
    • The commonalities and differences of expectations between patients, families, and service providers


  • Outpatient clinics at Teaching Hospital Jaffna and Base Hospital Tellipalai
    • A broad range of mental health problems from severe mental disorder to day-to-day psychosocial problems
    • The experience and expression of repeated traumatic events
    • The predominant somatic manifestations of liaison psychiatry referrals
    • Firstline management of common mental health problems
    • The usefulness of brief intervention, simple counselling, and relaxation training in mental health problems
    • Inter-disciplinary partnership care model along with child protection agency, gender-based violence desk, social service department, education sector, and non-governmental organizations


  • Rehabilitation and reintegration in psychiatry
    • Residential rehabilitation facility for the mentally ill
    • Home-based rehabilitation by facilitating apprenticeship and self-employment
    • Long stay facilities promoting independent living skills
    • Group living under minimum supervision


  • Community Psychiatry
    • The model of integrating psychiatry into primary health care
    • The availability of regular health staff as community mental health workers
    • A designated community-based treatment team
    • Regular mental health clinics in multiple locations to reduce mental health gaps
    • Frequent awareness and educational programmes in the community


  • Specialized centers
    • Arumpugal – a child and adolescent center at Teaching Hospital Jaffna
    • Mathavam – a center for neurodevelopmental disorders at Thirunelvely
    • Kuruntham – a residential rehabilitation center for alcohol (users)
    • Kudil – a medium stay mental health rehabilitation center


The elective programmes could be tailored  based on the students’ interests and needs.