The Gender Cell of the Faculty of Medicine (GCFM) was established in May 2023.


Establishing a gender-sensitive faculty culture and an environment of freedom and security that allows the students and staff of the Faculty to pursue their studies and work without gender-based discrimination, harassment and oppression.



GCFM functions according to the GCFM Guidelines on functions and responsibilities for the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna, and the Faculty Policy on Gender Discrimination and SGBV which are based on the relevant policies and by-laws of the UGC and University of Jaffna.

  • Conducting regular sessions on gender issues for the students through introductory module and Personal and Professional Development Stream
  • Conducting workshops on gender issues for the staff
  • Creating awareness on the reporting procedures for victims of gender discrimination and SGBV
  • Disseminating information about GEE policies and other relevant materials to the students and staff
  • Organizing discussion forums for the students and staff
  • Ensuring that the policies on gender equity and equality and SGBV issues are implemented
  • Receiving gender related complaints directly from the students and staff and through other portals, conducting inquiries and submitting the report to the Vice Chancellor through the Dean
  • Referring the case to the Centre for Gender Equity and Equality (CGEE), University of Jaffna with written permission of the complainant if necessary (for example, in case of conflict of interest)


  • The GCFM is accountable to the Faculty Board
  • The minutes of each meeting shall be forwarded to the Faculty Board
  • The Cell shall submit the proposals and action plans to the Faculty Board through the Dean

Where to get Help!

Please do not hesitate to contact our gender cell, or any individual members (friend/family/senior/lecturer) if you have any concerns with regards to gender (whether you are a student or staff)

Reporting channels for any GEE issues, or SGBV

Call members of the GCFM

Dr Valarmathy A

077 100 5380

Dr Sivananthini U

077 998 3012

Dr P A D Coonghe

077 315 3617

Contact CGEE at University level

+94 21 222 3748

Contact UGC

+94 11 2 123700

Complaint Hotline