Medical Students’ Union one  of the very first and the finest of its kindred in Srilanka proudly steps in the completion of 31 fine years since its establishment way back in the 80’s. The effort taken by the forerunners of this eminent student body backed by our beloved teachers had made this sapling to grow into a great banyan tree.

The foresight, faith vision, commitment dedication and high ideologies had given the union an inspiring atmosphere and strong foundation. The pioneers of this union had approached the vice chancellor Prof. S. Viththiyananthan with an application to form a faculty student body at the eve of July 1980. Their tireless efforts became fruitful when the union was officially registered as the Medical Student Union of Faculty of Medicine, Jaffna on 12th December, 1980. The strong foundation made by the pioneers has led the medical students’ union a successful 31 years.

We thank and salute the following pioneers

Dr. S. Raviraj
Dr. P. Langathas
Dr. (Miss.) S. Navaratnam
Dr. M. Sithamparanathan
Dr. P. W. Vigneswaran
Dr. M. Anpalakan
Dr. S. Nadarajah
Dr. M. E. Jeyaraj
Dr. R. G. Mariyathas.
Dr. G. Sivanarayanamoorthy
Dr. K. Sukumar

The first executive committee was chaired Mr. K. Ketheeswaran. The multiethnic student population had Mr. B. M. Mahoob as the secretary of its executive committee.

The first committee was formed for the academic year 1980/1981 period, the committee comprised of following students

President –  Mr. K. Ketheeswaran
Vice- President – Mr. K. Sakthibalan
Secretary – Mr. B. M. Mahoob
As Secretary – Mr. A. Ananthasivam
Junior treasurer – Mr. P. Ganeshan
Editor – Mr. V. Vigneswaran
Committee members:

C. A. Ajith
R. Sasikala
S. Aumbhavan
A. F. Gnanamalar
V. Thivagar

The Medical Students’ Union has strived hard for gaining the students’ rights and welfare and for unifying the strength of the students for the betterment of our society. Medical Students’ Union had been playing a vital role in the development of the medical faculty and the university at large. The student union had been influential in improving the student staff relationship.  The student union had lavishly contributed to the students and the community as a whole in times of crisis that lasted for decades crippling the entire society, without just being a witness at the scene.

It is unfortunate that some of our students have passed away during the crisis, which still remains a scar in the 31 year history of MSU.

MSU had been pivotal in identifying and enhancing the talents of students by providing the platforms for performing through various events ranging from sports to cultural. The Medicos Nite, Medicos Week and the religious festivals of thai pongal, vaani vizha, Oli vizha, vesak and ifthar are fruitful in harnessing the latent talent while enriching the social life of the students.

Medical students’ union has contributed to the welfare of the community through its annual sathiyendra memorial blood donation, donation for children home, through the “ARUMBUGAL” fund for the needy children of the paediatric wards for medical treatment.

It is notable to mention the sincere involvement of the MSU in being at the forefront to help the survivors of the tsunami in the year 2004 and indulging in the relief work along with other helping agencies.

The student union had been providing scholarships for the students to embark in their successful educational career and it has extended its services through the photocopy units, ITS, gym and (earlier) canteen.

The union has rooted strongly with the coordination, participation and dedication of the medical students ideally following, “of the students, by the students, for the students”. It is with gratitude that we thank all the fellowships of  almamater who pioneered the student body of the “ white house “ for all its success.

Let’s unite and pledge our support and cooperation to the Medical students’ union to reach greater heights in the years to come.