IQAC By Laws

The IQAC is a sub-unit of the IQES at Faculty or Institute level, headed by a Coordinator appointed from among senior academic staff (Senior Lecturer Grade I or above) by the Dean with the approval of the Faculty Board or the Head of the Department/Unit on a part time basis for a period of three years, with provision for extension. The Coordinator shall be assisted by the Committee of IQAC.

Composition of the committee of IQAC

  • Dean of the Faculty (Chair)

  • Heads of Departments/Units

  • Coordinator/ IQAC

  • Chairpersons of Curriculum Development

  • Chairpersons of Higher Degrees Committee

  • Chairpersons of Research Committee

  • Deputy Proctor (if any)

  • One Senior Student Counsellor (representing student counsellors),

  • Coordinators of relevant units such as Career Guidance Unit, GEEC, UBL, Well Being, Sports Advisory, Well fare and English Language Teaching Sub-unit

  • Senior Assistant Librarian/Assistant Librarian

  • Other members/nominees as appropriate and recommended by the Dean

  • AR/SAR/DR of the Faculty, Centre/Unit (Secretary to the Committee)


Terms of Reference of the Coordinating Committee of IQAC

  1. Guide the IQAC in the adoption of relevant By-laws prescribed by the University for governance and management of the IQAC,

  2. In liaison with the Curriculum Development Committee, enable adoption of guidelines and benchmarks adopted by the University for academic development and planning in keeping with the guidelines of the UGC and Ministry of Higher Education.

  3. Guide the IQAC to internalize quality principles and dimensions prescribed by the UGC-QAC within the Faculty, Institute, Centre/Unit in the management, curricular design and development, course design and development, teaching and learning, student support and services, assessments, and other

  4. Allied functions and services of study programmes.

  5. Guide the IQAC to design and implement regular internal quality reviews.

  6. Study the reports of the EQA and IQA reviews and adopt action plans based on the recommendations of the reports.

  7. Guide the IQAC to implement quality enhance plans and monitor the progress of implementation of annual quality enhancement work plans.


Duties and Responsibilities of the Coordinator of IQAC

The duties and responsibilities of the Coordinator/IQAC fall into two categories:

(a). Coordination of Academic Affairs and Related Activities

Liaise with Curriculum Development Committee in internalizing the following academic reforms:

    1. Enable adoption of guidelines and benchmarks prescribed/adopted by the University in academic development and planning in accordance with guidelines of the UGC and Ministry of Higher Education.

    2. Assist adoption of blended teaching and learning such as using ICT tools with conventional pedagogical methods, and

    3. Assist adoption of Inter-faculty credit transfer, synchronization of academic programmes, and inter-faculty cooperation and resource sharing.

(b). Coordination of Internal Quality Assurance Related Activities

Function as the officer-in charge of Cell (QAC) the QAC of the Faculty/ Institute/ Centre/ Unit and thus promote the following IQA related activities within the Faculty/ Institute/ Centre/ Unit.

    1. Adopting University approved By-laws for implementing the Internal Quality Assurance System to empower the QAC to promote internalizing university By-laws/guidelines/manuals for curricular development, teaching and training and assessments.

    2. Adopting and implementing quality enhancement mechanisms for internalizing quality principles and culture.

    3. Enabling adoption of University prescribed procedures within the Faculty.

    4. Liaising with the CQA and UGC-QAAC and other external agencies to facilitate external reviews.

    5. Assisting the CQA in the preparation of Assurance Reviews, Institutional Self Evaluation Report (SER) and Programme-specific SERs for External Quality.

    6. Providing advice and guidance on QA matters to all Departments/ Centres/ Units.