The Medical Education Unit (MEU) was formed in 2008 following the first curriculum revision workshop funded by the World bank. The MEU facilitate the functioning of the Curriculum Development and Evaluation Committee and it takes part in arranging workshops and seminars to improve the curriculum of the faculty periodically. It also conducts seminars and workshops sometime with the participation of National and international resource persons for medical teachers (academic staff in the faculty and extended faculty) to help them implement important aspects of medical education including modern teaching, learning and assessment principles and practices.

The MEU contributes to educational research regarding teaching/ learning activities, assessment, professional development and ethical development and encourage the adoption of evidence based educational practices. It also contributes to quality improvement of the curriculum, teaching/ learning activities and assessments by conducting evaluations and obtaining regular feedback from the teachers, students and stake holders and provide guidance for necessary measures for improvement through the Curriculum Development and Evaluation Committee (CDEC).

In addition, the MEU assists the departments in design, development and implementation of high-quality educational material. The Audio-Visual Unit (AVU) is integrated with the Medical Education Unit. The AVU takes part in recording high quality Video, Audio and Photographs for educational material preparation as well as recording important events in the Faculty.