Service Functions

Division of Microbiology, Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Jaffna, provides Diagnostic services apart from teaching and research activities.  


Diagnostic services


Microscopic examination(Gram staining & Acid Fast staining) of clinical samples

Bacteriological Culture & ABST for clinical samples (Urine, Blood, Sputum & CSF )

Culture for Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Water analysis for Total coliform and E.coli

Microbial analysis for milk, Ice-cream and soft drinks


Mycology services are also offered to any interested clinician in the Teaching Hospitals Jaffna


Rapid testing for Dengue antibodies ( IgM & IgG )

ELISA test for Dengue IgM

ELISA test for Dengue IgG

ELISA test foe Dengue NS1 antigen

ELISA test for Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgM & IgG

Rapid testing for  Scrub Typhus antibodies ( IgM & IgG )

ELISA test for Scrub Typhus IgM & IgG


♣ Serological testing for Scrub typhus & Mycoplasma  antibodies are offered as a part of a research project.