Title Author/Editor Paper ISBN Link
A Guide to Conducting Online Research Gaiser 9781412922906 Link
A Handbook for Social Science Field Research Perecman 9781412916813 Link
A Mathematical Primer for Social Statistics Fox 9781412960809 Link
A Narrative Approach to Organization Studies Czarniawska 9780761906636 Link
A Primer in Longitudinal Data Analysis Taris 9780761960270 Link
A Researcher’s Guide to the National Statistics
Socio-economic Classification
Rose Link
Achievement Testing Bejar 9780803920477 Link
Action Research in the Classroom Baumfield 9781412930406 Link
Advanced Focus Group Research Fern 9780761912491 Link
Advances in Mixed Methods Research Bergman 9781412948098 Link
Adventures in Criminal Justice Research Logio 9781412963510 Link
Agent-Based Models Gilbert 9781412949644 Link
An Intermediate Guide to SPSS Programming Boslaugh 9780761931850 Link
An Introduction to Critical Management Research kelemen 9781412901871 Link
An Introduction to Generalized Linear Models Dunteman 9780761920847 Link
An Introductory Guide to SPSS® for Windows® Einspruch 9781412904155 Link
Analysing Qualitative Data in Psychology Lyons 9781412907835 Link
Analysis of Covariance Wildt 9780803911642 Link
Analysis of Nominal Data Reynolds 9780803906532 Link
Analysis of Ordinal Data Hildebrand Link
Analysis of Variance Iversen 9780803930018 Link
Analysis of Variance via Confidence Intervals Bird 9780761963585 Link
Analytic Mapping and Geographic Databases Garson 9780803947528 Link
Analyzing Complex Survey Data Lee 9780761930389 Link
Analyzing Costs, Procedures, Processes,
and Outcomes in Human Services
Yates 9780803947863 Link
Analyzing Decision Making Louviere 9780803927575 Link
Analyzing Documentary Accounts Hodson 9780761917434 Link
Analyzing Panel Data Markus 9780803913721 Link
Analyzing Quantitative Data Blaikie 9780761967590 Link
Analyzing Repeated Surveys Firebaugh 9780803973985 Link
Analyzing Social and Political Change Dale 9780803982994 Link
Analyzing Visual Data Ball 9780803934351 Link
ANOVA Girden 9780803942578 Link
Applied Correspondence Analysis Clausen 9780761911159 Link
Applied Logistic Regression Analysis Menard 9780761922087 Link
Applied Regression Lewis-Beck 9780803914940 Link
Applied Research Design Hedrick 9780803932340 Link
Appreciative Inquiry Reed 9781412927475 Link
Archival Strategies and Techniques Hill 9780803948259 Link
Assessing Inequality Hao 9781412926294 Link
Association Models Wong 9781412968874 Link
Basic Content Analysis Weber 9780803938632 Link
Basic Math for Social Scientists Hagle 9780803972858 Link
Bayesian Statistical Inference Iversen 9780803923287 Link
Best Practices in Quantitative Methods Osborne Link
Blending Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Methods in Theses and Dissertations
Thomas 9780761939320 Link
Bootstrapping Mooney 9780803953819 Link
British Social Attitudes Jowell Link
British Social Attitudes Park Link
British Social Attitudes Park Link
British Social Attitudes Park Link
British Social Attitudes Park Link
British Social Attitudes Park Link
British Social Attitudes Park Link
British Social Attitudes Park Link
Building Evaluation Capacity Preskill 9780761928102 Link
Building Networks Kenway 9781412907002 Link
Building Your Academic Career Boden 9781412907019 Link
Calculus Iversen 9780803971103 Link
Calendar and Time Diary Methods in Life
Course Research
Belli 9781412940634 Link
Canonical Analysis and Factor Comparison Levine 9780803906556 Link
Canonical Correlation Analysis Thompson 9780803923928 Link
Case Study Method Gomm 9780761964148 Link
Case Study Methods Hamel 9780803954168 Link
Categories in Text and Talk Lepper 9780761956679 Link
Causal Analysis with Panel Data Finkel 9780803938960 Link
Causal Modeling Asher 9780803906549 Link
Central Tendency and Variability Weisberg 9780803940079 Link
Chaos and Catastrophe Theories Brown 9780803958470 Link
Classroom-based Research and
Evidence-based Practice
Taber 9781412923231 Link
Clinical Research in Mental Health Asmundson 9780761922100 Link
Cluster Analysis Aldenderfer 9780803923768 Link
Cognitive Interviewing Willis 9780761928041 Link
Cohort Analysis Glenn 9780761922155 Link
Collaborative Research in Organizations Adler 9780761928638 Link
Communicating Social Science
Research to Policy Makers
Vaughan 9780803972162 Link
Communication Research Statistics Reinard 9780761929871 Link
Communication Theory and Research McQuail 9781412918336 Link
Composing Qualitative Research Golden-Biddle 9781412905619 Link
Computational Modeling Taber 9780803972704 Link
Computer-Assisted Interviewing Saris 9780803940666 Link
Computer-Assisted Text Analysis Popping 9780761953791 Link
Concept Mapping for Planning and Evaluation Kane 9781412940283 Link
Conducting Interpretive Policy Analysis Yanow 9780761908272 Link
Conducting Online Surveys Sue 9781412937542 Link
Confidence Intervals Smithson 9780761924999 Link
Confirmatory Factor Analysis Long 9780803920446 Link
Context and Method in Qualitative Research Miller 9780803976320 Link
Contextual Analysis Iversen 9780803942721 Link
Conversation Analysis Psathas 9780803957473 Link
Conversation Analysis and Discourse Analysis Wooffitt 9780761974260 Link
Correlation Chen 9780761922285 Link
Correlation and Regression Bobko 9780761923039 Link
Covariance Structure Models Long 9780803920453 Link
Creative Methods in Organizational Research Broussine 9781412901345 Link
Criminological Research Noaks 9780761974079 Link
Dangerous Fieldwork Lee 9780803956612 Link
Data Analysis Lewis-Beck 9780803957725 Link
Data Analysis Using SPSS for Windows Versions 8 – 10 Foster 9780761969273 Link
Data Collection and Analysis Sapsford 9780761943631 Link
Data Collection and Management Stouthamer-Loeber 9780803956575 Link
Data Theory and Dimensional Analysis Jacoby 9780803941786 Link
Delivering Results in Qualitative Market Research Gilmore 9781412906869 Link
Designing Qualitative Research Flick 9780761949763 Link
Designing Surveys Czaja 9780761927464 Link
Designs and Methods for Youth-Led Research Delgado 9780761930440 Link
Developing Advertising with Qualitative Market Research Wardle 9781412903950 Link
Developing Brands with Qualitative Market Research Owen 9781412903967 Link
Developing Educational Leadership Anderson 9780761949381 Link
Developing Focus Group Research Barbour 9780761955689 Link
Development Fieldwork Scheyvens 9780761948902 Link
Developmental Research Methods Miller 9781412950299 Link
Dictionary of Statistics & Methodology Vogt 9780761988557 Link
Differential Equations Brown 9781412941082 Link
Differential Item Functioning Osterlind 9781412954945 Link
Discourse Analysis Phillips 9780761923626 Link
Discourse Analysis as Theory and Method Jorgensen 9780761971122 Link
Discriminant Analysis Klecka 9780803914919 Link
Documents of Life 2 Plummer 9780761961321 Link
Doing Action Research Taylor 9781412912785 Link
Doing Conversation Analysis Ten Have 9781412921756 Link
Doing Conversation, Discourse and Document Analysis Rapley 9780761949817 Link
Doing Criminological Research Jupp 9780761965091 Link
Doing Critical Ethnography Thomas 9780803939233 Link
Doing Critical Management Research Alvesson 9780761953333 Link
Doing Development Research Desai 9781412902854 Link
Doing Ethnographic and Observational Research Angrosino 9780761949756 Link
Doing Ethnographies Crang 9780761944461 Link
Doing Ethnography Gobo 9781412919210 Link
Doing Focus Groups Barbour 9780761949787 Link
Doing Interviews Kvale 9780761949770 Link
Doing Legal Research Morris 9780803934290 Link
Doing Management Research Thietart 9780761965176 Link
Doing Narrative Research Andrews 9781412911979 Link
Doing Practitioner Research Fox 9781412912341 Link
Doing Qualitative Research Differently Hollway 9780761964261 Link
Doing Qualitative Research Using Your Computer Hahn 9781412946933 Link
Doing Quantitative Research in Education Muijs 9780761943839 Link
Doing Research Druckman 9780761927792 Link
Doing Research in Cultural Studies Saukko 9780761965053 Link
Doing Research in Political Science Pennings 9781412903776 Link
Doing Research with Children Greig 9781412918459 Link
Doing Team Ethnography Erickson 9780761906674 Link
Doing Urban Research Andranovich 9780803939899 Link
Doing Visual Ethnography Pink 9781412923484 Link
Doing Your Dissertation in Business and Management Brown 9781412903516 Link
Doing Your Undergraduate Project Reardon 9780761942078 Link
Dynamic Modeling Huckfeldt 9780803909465 Link
Ecological Inference Langbein 9780803909410 Link
Educational Research, Policymaking and Practice Hammersley 9780761974208 Link
Effect Size for ANOVA Designs Cortina 9780761915508 Link
Effective Teacher Evaluation Peterson 9781412914833 Link
Embedded Case Study Methods Scholz 9780761919469 Link
Emergent Methods in Social Research Hesse-Biber 9781412909181 Link
Emotions and Fieldwork Kleinman 9780803947221 Link
Employing Qualitative Methods in the Private Sector Mitchell 9780803959811 Link
Encyclopedia of Evaluation Mathison Link
Encyclopedia of Measurement and Statistics Salkind Link
Encyclopedia of Survey Research Methods Lavrakas Link
Engaging Crystallization in Qualitative Research Ellingson 9781412959070 Link
Ethics and Values in Applied Social Research Kimmel 9780803926325 Link
Ethics in Qualitative Research Mauthner 9780761973096 Link
Ethnographic Decision Tree Modeling Gladwin 9780803934870 Link
Ethnography in Organizations Schwartzman 9780803943797 Link
Ethnomethodology Coulon 9780803947771 Link
Ethnostatistics Gephart 9780803930261 Link
Evaluating Programs to Increase Student Achievement Jason 9781412951258 Link
Evaluating Services for Survivors of Domestic
Violence and Sexual Assault
Riger 9780761923534 Link
Evaluating Sex Offenders Doren 9780761921141 Link
Evaluating Teaching Stronge 9781412909785 Link
Evaluating, Doing and Writing Research in Psychology Bell 9780761971757 Link
Evaluation Fundamentals Fink 9780761988687 Link
Evaluation in Action Fitzpatrick 9781412949743 Link
Evaluation Research Clarke 9780761950950 Link
Evaluation Roots Alkin 9780761928942 Link
Evaluative Inquiry Parsons 9780761978145 Link
Evaluator’s Handbook Herman 9780803931268 Link
Event History Analysis Allison 9780803920552 Link
Evidence-Based Policy Pawson 9781412910606 Link
Experience Sampling Method Hektner 9781412925570 Link
Experimental Design and Analysis Brown 9780803938540 Link
Expert Systems Benfer 9780803940369 Link
Exploratory Data Analysis Hartwig 9780803913707 Link
Exploratory Research in the Social Sciences stebbins 9780761923992 Link
Factor Analysis Kim 9780803911666 Link
Feminist Dilemmas in Qualitative Research Ribbens 9780761956655 Link
Feminist Fieldwork Analysis Kleinman 9781412905497 Link
Feminist Methodology Ramazanoglu 9780761951230 Link
Feminist Research Practice Hesse-Biber 9780761928928 Link
Fixed Effects Regression Models Allison 9780761924975 Link
Focus Group Practice Puchta 9780761966913 Link
Focus Groups Stewart 9780761925835 Link
Focus Groups as Qualitative Research Morgan 9780761903437 Link
Focus Groups in Social Research Bloor 9780761957430 Link
Foundations of Multimethod Research Brewer 9780761988618 Link
Fractal Analysis Brown 9781412971652 Link
From Postgraduate to Social Scientist Gilbert 9780761944607 Link
Fuzzy Set Theory Smithson 9780761929864 Link
Game Theory Zagare 9780803920507 Link
Game Theory Topics Fink 9780761910169 Link
Gender and Qualitative Methods Jarviluoma-Makela 9780761965855 Link
Gender Issues in Ethnography Warren 9780761917175 Link
Generalized Linear Models Gill 9780761920557 Link
Getting Started on Research Boden 9781412906968 Link
Getting the Most Out of the Research Experience Roberts 9780761941200 Link
Getting Your PhD Churchill 9781412919944 Link
Graph Algebra Brown 9781412941099 Link
Graphing Data Henry 9780803956759 Link
Grounded Theory Goulding 9780761966838 Link
Grounded Theory in Management Research Locke 9780761964285 Link
Handbook of Clinical Nursing Research Hinshaw Link
Handbook of Data Analysis Hardy Link
Handbook of Ethnography Atkinson Link
Handbook of Interview Research Gubrium Link
Handbook of Marketing Scales Bearden Link
Handbook of Program Development for Health
Behavior Research and Practice
Sussman 9780761916741 Link
Handbook of Public Policy Evaluation Nagel Link
Handbook of Research Design and Social Measurement Miller 9780761920465 Link
Handbook of Science and Technology Studies Jasanoff 9780761924982 Link
Health and Inequality Curtis 9780761968238 Link
Health Science Research Peat 9780761974031 Link
Heuristic Research Moustakas 9780803938823 Link
How do I choose between different research methods? Gorard 9781412995559 Link
How do I design policy focused research? Jones 9781412995603 Link
How do I go about engaging young people as researchers? McNaughton Nicholls 9781412995597 Link
How do I research social change? McLeod 9781412995542 Link
How should a real time online interview be
incorporated into a research design?
Salmons 9781412993777 Link
How should one go about designing a
qualitative research project?
Rossman 9781412993746 Link
How to Ask Survey Questions Fink 9780761925798 Link
How To Assess and Interpret Survey Psychometrics Litwin 9780761925613 Link
How to Build Social Science Theories Shoemaker 9780761926672 Link
How to Conduct In-Person Interviews for Surveys Oishi 9780761925705 Link
How to Conduct Self-Administered and Mail Surveys Bourque 9780761925620 Link
How to Conduct Telephone Surveys Bourque 9780761925910 Link
How To Design Survey Studies Fink 9780761925781 Link
How to Manage, Analyze, and Interpret Survey Data Fink 9780761925767 Link
How to Publish Your Communication Research:
An Insider’s Guide
Alexander 9780761921806 Link
How To Report On Surveys Fink 9780761925750 Link
How to Sample in Surveys Fink 9780761925774 Link
How to Study Turner 9780761968085 Link
Information Theory Krippendorff 9780803921320 Link
Inside Culture Couldry 9780761963868 Link
Inside Interviewing Holstein 9780761928515 Link
Interaction Effects in Factorial Analysis of Variance Jaccard 9780761912217 Link
Interaction Effects in Logistic Regression Jaccard 9780761922070 Link
Interaction Effects in Multiple Regression Jaccard 9780761927426 Link
Interactionism Atkinson 9780761962700 Link
Interactive Qualitative Analysis Northcutt 9780761928348 Link
Internal Evaluation Love 9780803932012 Link
Internet Communication and Qualitative Research Mann 9780761966272 Link
Internet Data Collection Best 9780761927105 Link
Internet Research Methods Hewson 9780761959205 Link
Internet Research Skills O Dochartaigh 9781412911139 Link
Interpreting and Using Regression Achen 9780803919150 Link
Interpreting Probability Models Liao 9780803949997 Link
Interpreting Quantitative Data Byrne 9780761962625 Link
Interpreting Quantitative Data with SPSS Antonius 9780761973997 Link
Interpretive Biography Denzin 9780803933590 Link
Interpretive Interactionism Denzin 9780761915140 Link
Interrupted Time Series Analysis McDowall 9780803914933 Link
Interviewing for Social Scientists Arksey 9780761958703 Link
Interviewing Groups and Individuals in
Qualitative Market Research
Chrzanowska 9781412906852 Link
Introducing LISREL Diamantopoulos 9780761951711 Link
Introducing Multilevel Modeling Kreft 9780761951414 Link
Introducing Qualitative Research Barbour 9781412934602 Link
Introducing Social Networks Degenne 9780761956044 Link
Introduction to Action Research Greenwood 9781412925976 Link
Introduction to Analysis of Variance Turner 9780803970755 Link
Introduction to Applied Demography Rives 9780803921344 Link
Introduction to Facet Theory Shye 9780803956711 Link
Introduction to Factor Analysis Kim 9780803911659 Link
Introduction to Linear Goal Programming Ignizio 9780803925649 Link
Introduction to Nonparametric Item Response Theory Sijtsma 9780761908135 Link
Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods Balnaves 9780761968047 Link
Introduction to Survey Sampling Kalton 9780803921269 Link
Introduction to the Comparative Method
With Boolean Algebra
Caramani 9781412909754 Link
Key Concepts and Techniques in GIS Albrecht 9781412910163 Link
Key Concepts in Feminist Theory and Research Hughes 9780761969884 Link
Key Concepts in Social Research Payne 9780761965435 Link
Keywords in Qualitative Methods Bloor 9780761943310 Link
Knowing Children Fine 9780803933651 Link
Latent Class Analysis McCutcheon 9780803927520 Link
Latent Class Scaling Analysis Dayton 9780761913238 Link
Latent Growth Curve Modeling Preacher 9781412939553 Link
Learning to Read Critically in Language and Literacy Goodwyn 9780761944744 Link
Learning to Read Critically in Teaching and Learning Poulson 9780761947981 Link
Linear Probability, Logit, and Probit Models Aldrich 9780803921337 Link
Linear Programming Feiring 9780803928503 Link
Linking Auditing and Meta-Evaluation Schwandt 9780803929685 Link
Linking Data Fielding 9780803925182 Link
LISREL Approaches to Interaction Effects
in Multiple Regression
Jaccard 9780803971790 Link
Living the Ethnographic Life Rose 9780803939998 Link
Logistic Regression Pampel 9780761920106 Link
Logistic Regression Models for Ordinal
Response Variables
O’Connell 9780761929895 Link
Logit and Probit Kant Borooah 9780761922421 Link
Logit Modeling DeMaris 9780803943773 Link
Log-Linear Models Knoke 9780803914926 Link
Loglinear Models with Latent Variables Hagenaars 9780803943100 Link
Longitudinal Research Menard 9780761922094 Link
Magnitude Scaling Lodge 9780803917477 Link
Mail Surveys Mangione 9780803946637 Link
Making Sense of Factor Analysis Pett 9780761919506 Link
Making Sense of Multivariate Data Analysis Spicer 9781412904018 Link
Making Sense of Social Research Williams 9780761964223 Link
Managing Quality in Qualitative Research Flick 9780761949824 Link
Marketing Research Kolb 9781412947978 Link
Matrix Algebra Namboodiri 9780803920521 Link
Maximum Likelihood Estimation Eliason 9780803941076 Link
Measurement Error and Research Design Viswanathan 9781412906425 Link
Measures of Association Liebetrau 9780803919747 Link
Measuring Attitudes Cross-Nationally Jowell 9781412919821 Link
Measuring Community Indicators Gruenewald 9780761906858 Link
Media Research Methods Gunter 9780761956594 Link
Mediation Analysis Iacobucci 9781412925693 Link
Membership Roles in Field Research Adler 9780803925786 Link
Meta-Analysis Wolf 9780803927568 Link
Meta-Analytic Procedures for Social Research Rosenthal 9780803942462 Link
Meta-Ethnography Noblit 9780803930230 Link
Meta-Study of Qualitative Health Research Paterson 9780761924159 Link
Methodology for Creating Business Knowledge Arbnor 9781847870599 Link
Methodology: Who needs it? Hammersley 9781412995580 Link
Methods Beyond Interviewing in
Qualitative Market Research
Desai 9781412903981 Link
Methods for Policy Research Majchrzak 9780803920606 Link
Methods of Critical Discourse Analysis Wodak 9780761961543 Link
Methods of Family Research Greenstein 9781412916776 Link
Methods of Meta-Analysis Hunter 9781412904797 Link
Metric Scaling Weller 9780803937505 Link
Microcomputer Applications in Qualitative Research Pfaffenberger 9780803931206 Link
Microcomputer Methods for Social Scientists Schrodt 9780803930438 Link
Missing Data Allison 9780761916727 Link
Mobility Tables Hout 9780803920569 Link
Models for Innovation Diffusion Mahajan 9780803921368 Link
Modern Methods for Robust Regression Andersen 9781412940726 Link
Modern Regression Techniques Using R Wright 9781847879035 Link
Monte Carlo Simulation Mooney 9780803959439 Link
Multiattribute Evaluation Edwards 9780803900950 Link
Multidimensional Scaling Kruskal 9780803909403 Link
Multilevel Modeling Luke 9780761928799 Link
MultiMedia Cranny-Francis 9780761949954 Link
Multiple and Generalized Nonparametric Regression Fox 9780761921899 Link
Multiple Attribute Decision Making Yoon 9780803954861 Link
Multiple Comparison Procedures Toothaker 9780803941779 Link
Multiple Comparisons Klockars 9780803920514 Link
Multiple Correspondence Analysis Le Roux 9781412968973 Link
Multiple Indicators Sullivan 9780803913691 Link
Multiple Regression in Practice Berry 9780803920545 Link
Multiple Time Series Models Brandt 9781412906562 Link
Multivariate Analysis of Variance Bray 9780803923102 Link
Multivariate Tests for Time Series Models Cromwell 9780803954403 Link
Narrative Analysis Daiute 9780761927983 Link
Narrative and Psychotherapy McLeod 9780803976863 Link
Narrative Methods for Organizational &
Communication Research
Boje 9780761965879 Link
Narrative Research Lieblich 9780761910435 Link
Narratives in Social Science Research Czarniawska 9780761941958 Link
Need Analysis McKillip 9780803926486 Link
Neural Networks Abdi 9780761914402 Link
New Approaches in Social Research Grbich 9780761949329 Link
New Directions in Group Communication Frey 9780761912811 Link
Next Steps With SPSS Einspruch 9780761919643 Link
Nonparametric Measures of Association Gibbons 9780803946644 Link
Nonparametric Simple Regression Fox 9780761915850 Link
Nonparametric Statistics Gibbons 9780803939516 Link
Nonrecursive Causal Models Berry 9780803922655 Link
Odds Ratios in the Analysis of Contingency Tables Rudas 9780761903628 Link
On Time and Method Kelly 9780803930476 Link
Online Interviewing James 9781412945325 Link
Operations Research Methods Nagel 9780803906518 Link
Ordinal Log-Linear Models Ishii-Kuntz 9780803943766 Link
Organizational Ethnography Neyland 9781412923439 Link
Organizational Research Methods Brewerton 9780761971016 Link
Organizing and Managing Your Research Phelps 9781412920643 Link
Participant Observation Jorgensen 9780803928770 Link
Participatory Action Research Whyte 9780803937437 Link
Performance Ethnography Denzin 9780761910398 Link
Personalizing Evaluation Kushner 9780761963622 Link
Phenomenological Research Methods Moustakas 9780803957992 Link
Planning Ethically Responsible Research Sieber 9780803939646 Link
Polytomous Item Response Theory Models Ostini 9780761930686 Link
Pooled Time Series Analysis Sayrs 9780803931602 Link
Postgraduate Research in Business Quinton 9781412908368 Link
Practical Evaluation for Educators Kaufman 9780761931980 Link
Practical Program Evaluation Chen 9780761902331 Link
Practical Sampling Henry 9780803929593 Link
Practical Statistics for Students Cohen 9781853963292 Link
Practicing Evaluation O’Sullivan 9780761925460 Link
Practitioner Research and Professional
Development in Education
Campbell 9780761974680 Link
Practitioner Research for Teachers Burton 9780761944218 Link
Practitioner Research in Counselling McLeod 9780761957638 Link
Presentation Skills McCarthy 9780761940920 Link
Principal Components Analysis Dunteman 9780803931046 Link
Probability Theory Rudas 9780761925064 Link
Processing Data Bourque 9780803947412 Link
Program Evaluation Owen 9780761961789 Link
Program Evaluation in Gifted Education Callahan 9781412904360 Link
Psychoanalytic Aspects of Fieldwork Hunt 9780803934733 Link
Public Information Campaigns and Opinion Research Klingemann 9780761964322 Link
Q Methodology McKeown 9780803927537 Link
Qualitative Evaluation Shaw 9780761956907 Link
Qualitative GIS Cope 9781412945660 Link
Qualitative Market Research Mariampolski 9780761969457 Link
Qualitative Marketing Research Carson 9780761963660 Link
Qualitative Marketing Research Moisander 9781412903813 Link
Qualitative Media Analysis Altheide 9780761901990 Link
Qualitative Methods for Marketplace Research Sayre 9780761922704 Link
Qualitative Methods in Business Research Eriksson 9781412903172 Link
Qualitative Research and Hypermedia Dicks 9780761960980 Link
Qualitative Research in Action May 9780761960683 Link
Qualitative Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy McLeod 9780761955061 Link
Qualitative Research in Education Freebody 9780761961413 Link
Qualitative Research in Information Systems Myers 9780761966333 Link
Qualitative Research in Social Work Shaw 9780761961826 Link
Qualitative Research in Sociology Marvasti 9780761948612 Link
Qualitative Research Interviewing Wengraf 9780803975019 Link
Qualitative Research Practice Seale Link
Qualitative Research through Case Studies Travers 9780761968061 Link
Qualitative Researching with Text, Image and Sound Bauer 9780761964810 Link
Quality of Life Research Rapley 9780761954576 Link
Quality of research: How do I know if my
research findings are any good?
Oancea 9781412995467 Link
Quantile Regression Hao 9781412926287 Link
Quantitative Geography Fotheringham 9780761959489 Link
Quantitative Narrative Analysis Franzosi 9781412925259 Link
Questioning Qualitative Inquiry Hammersley 9781412935159 Link
Random Factors in ANOVA Jackson 9780803950900 Link
Randomized Experiments for Planning and Evaluation Boruch 9780803935105 Link
Randomized Response Fox 9780803923096 Link
Rasch Models for Measurement Andrich 9780803927414 Link
Realist Evaluation in Practice Kazi 9780761969969 Link
Regression Diagnostics Fox 9780803939714 Link
Regression Models Breen 9780803957107 Link
Regression with Dummy Variables Hardy 9780803951280 Link
Relating Statistics and Experimental Design Levin 9780761914723 Link
Reliability and Validity Assessment Carmines 9780803913714 Link
Reliability and Validity in Qualitative Research Kirk 9780803924703 Link
Research and Evaluation Methods in
Special Education
Mertens 9780761946533 Link
Research Designs Spector 9780803917095 Link
Research Ethics for Social Scientists Israel 9781412903905 Link
Research for Development Laws 9780761973270 Link
Research in Educational Settings Maruyama 9780803942080 Link
Research in Health Care Settings Grady 9780803928756 Link
Research Methodology in the Social,
Behavioural and Life Sciences
Ader 9780761958840 Link
Research Methods for Clinical and Health Psychology Marks 9780761971917 Link
Research Methods for Community Change Stoecker 9780761928898 Link
Research Methods for Health Care Practice Griffiths 9781412935777 Link
Research Methods in Accounting Smith 9780761971474 Link
Research Methods in Applied Behavior Analysis Bailey 9780761925569 Link
Research Methods in Politics Pierce 9781412935517 Link
Research Methods in Special Education Mertens 9780803948099 Link
Research Practice for Cultural Studies Gray 9780761951759 Link
Research Training for Social Scientists Burton 9780761963516 Link
Research with Hispanic Populations Marin 9780803937215 Link
Researching Children’s Experience Greene 9780761971030 Link
Researching Learning Difficulties Porter 9780761948513 Link
Researching Leisure, Sport and Tourism Long 9780761944546 Link
Researching Life Stories and Family Histories Miller 9780761960928 Link
Researching Persons with Mental Illness Dworkin 9780803936041 Link
Researching ‘Race’ and Ethnicity Gunaratnam 9780761972877 Link
Researching Social Change McLeod 9781412928878 Link
Researching the Small Enterprise Curran 9780761952954 Link
Researching the Visual Emmison 9780761958468 Link
Researching the Vulnerable Liamputtong 9781412912549 Link
Resources for Nursing Research Clamp Link
Reworking Qualitative Data Heaton 9780761971436 Link
SAGE Qualitative Research Methods Atkinson Link
SAGE Quantitative Research Methods Vogt Link
SAS Programming for Researchers and Social Scientists Spector 9780761922681 Link
Savvy Decision Making Jayanthi 9780761978190 Link
Scaling Procedures Netemeyer 9780761920274 Link
Score Reliability Thompson 9780761926269 Link
Secondary Analysis of Survey Data Kiecolt 9780803923027 Link
Secondary Research Stewart 9780803950375 Link
Secrecy and Fieldwork Mitchell 9780803943858 Link
Semiotics and Fieldwork Manning 9780803926400 Link
Service-User Research in Health and Social Care McLaughlin 9781847870728 Link
Situational Analysis Clarke 9780761930563 Link
Small-Scale Evaluation Robson 9780761955108 Link
Small-Scale Evaluation in Health Brophy 9781412930079 Link
Small-Scale Research Knight 9780761968627 Link
Social Choice Johnson 9780761914068 Link
Social Measurement Campbell 9780761904076 Link
Social Network Analysis Knoke 9781412927499 Link
Social Networks and Organizations Kilduff 9780761969570 Link
Social Research Corbetta 9780761972532 Link
Social Research Methods Walliman 9781412910620 Link
Social Work Research D’Cruz 9780761949718 Link
Sociological Practice Layder 9780761954309 Link
Sorting Data Coxon 9780803972377 Link
Sourcebook of Family Theory and Research Bengtson 9781412940856 Link
Spatial Regression Models Ward 9781412954150 Link
Speaking of Ethnography Agar 9780803924925 Link
Spline Regression Models Marsh 9780761924203 Link
Standard Setting Cizek 9781412916837 Link
Standardized Survey Interviewing Fowler 9780803930933 Link
Standards-Based and Responsive Evaluation Stake 9780761926658 Link
Statistical Analysis Quick Reference Guidebook Elliott 9781412925600 Link
Statistical Data Analysis Using Your Personal Computer Bernstein 9780761917816 Link
Statistical Graphics for Univariate and Bivariate Data Jacoby 9780761900832 Link
Statistical Graphics for Visualizing Multivariate Data Jacoby 9780761908999 Link
Statistical Methods for Geography Rogerson 9780761962885 Link
Statistics for Health Care Professionals Scott 9780761974765 Link
Statistics for Marketing and Consumer Research Mazzocchi 9781412911221 Link
Statistics for the Social Sciences Sirkin 9781412905466 Link
Stochastic Parameter Regression Models Newbold 9780803924253 Link
Strategies for Interpreting Qualitative Data Feldman 9780803959163 Link
Studies in Applied Interpersonal Communication Motley 9781412942164 Link
Studying Families Copeland 9780803932487 Link
Studying Organizational Symbolism Owen Jones 9780761902201 Link
Succeeding with Your Doctorate Wellington 9781412901161 Link
Summated Rating Scale Construction Spector 9780803943414 Link
Survey Questions Converse 9780803927438 Link
Survey Research Sapsford 9781412912327 Link
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Using Web and Paper Questionnaires for
Data-Based Decision Making
Thomas 9780761938835 Link
Virtual Ethnography Hine 9780761958963 Link
Visual Methods in Social Research Banks 9780761963646 Link
Visual Research Methods Stanczak 9781412939546 Link
What Counts as Credible Evidence in Applied
Research and Evaluation Practice?
Donaldson 9781412957076 Link
What do you mean by the term “ethnography”? Delamont Link
What factors should someone consider when
conducting an online interview in real time?
Salmons 9781412993760 Link
What has given rise to the interest in mixed
methods research today?
Creswell 9781412993715 Link
What is conversational interviewing? Conrad 9781412995504 Link
What is latent class analysis? Francis 9781412995498 Link
What is longitudinal research? Neale 9781412995481 Link
What is multilevel modelling? Browne 9781412995474 Link
What is naturally occurring data? Silverman 9781412993784 Link
What is netnography? Kozinets 9781412995511 Link
What is participatory research? Nind 9781412995528 Link
What is secondary analysis of qualitative data? Bishop 9781412995573 Link
What is sensory ethnography? Pink 9781412995566 Link
What is simulation? Gilbert 9781412995535 Link
What is web link mining? Thelwall 9781412995610 Link
When should a researcher choose a qualitative approach? Rossman 9781412993753 Link
When should I choose a mixed methods approach? Creswell 9781412993722 Link
When should one consider doing an
online interview in real time?
Salmons 9781412995351 Link
Why does narrative need rescuing from qualitative research? Atkinson 9781412993708 Link
Winning and Managing Research Funding Kenway 9781412906982 Link
Working With Archival Data Elder 9780803942622 Link
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Geographic Information Systems for the
Social Sciences
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Performance Management
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Using SPSS and Amos
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Taking the Measure of Work Fields Link
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The Association Graph and the Multigraph
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British Social Attitudes Park Link
British Social Attitudes Park Link
British Social Attitudes 28 Park Link
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Heteroskedasticity in Regression Kaufman 9781452234953 Link
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Interpreting Interviews Alvesson 9781857022582 Link
Introducing Survival and Event History Analysis Mills 9781848601024 Link
Key Concepts in Ethnography O’Reilly 9781412928656 Link
Measuring and Reducing Nonresponse Error in Surveys Peytchev 9781452226194 Link
Methods of Randomization in Experimental Design Alferes 9781452202921 Link
Multivariate General Linear Models Haase 9781412972499 Link
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Constructing Survey Data Gobo Link
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Diary Methods Nezlek Link
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Regression Analysis Best Link
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Scale Construction and Psychometrics for
Social and Personality Psychology
Furr 9781857024043 Link
Social Psychophysiology for Social and
Personality Psychology
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Structural Equation Modeling for Social and
Personality Psychology
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