Community Health Care Worker-Facilitated Fertility Care in Northern Province, Sri Lanka

In recent years, the fertility rate has declined in virtually all regions of the world, and a recent report by the United Nations stated that the fertility rate of Sri Lanka has decreased by half in the last 50 years. A major factor responsible for delayed childbearing and increasing incidence of subfertility is a lack of awareness about fertility potential.

The project, Community Health Care worker-facilitated Fertility Care will empower community members to identify sub-fertility issues early and get proper medical care, and this will change the health-seeking behavior of the sub-fertile couples and keep them in treatment until they achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Who are Community Reproductive Health care Workers (CRHW)?

The Community Reproductive Healthcare Workers (CRHW) are women of the same locality who are interested in reproductive health promotion. CRHW will act as a bridge between service providers and subfertility couples and create awareness on subfertility management. An initial training will be provided to the CRHW, and then it will be followed up by continuous booster training based on their performance.