About Us

Department of Parasitology was initiated as Division of Parasitology under the Department of Pathology
in May 1980 in the Pathology Laboratory building at the Jaffna Teaching Hospital. It was moved to the
Ground floor of the Main Faculty building in 1982 then to the 1st floor 1987. After the completion of the
construction of the 2nd floor the Division was moved to the present location in 1988. Although the
division was performed well at the beginning, the activities were declined drastically during the past war
situation mainly due to the migration of qualified staff members from the faculty and also due to the
loss of valuable equipment at the time of displacements.
With the settlement of the war and the peace atmosphere prevailing in last few years, the Division has
been gradually improved in it’s infrastructural and laboratory facilities. Considering the improvement,
the division has been upgraded to the status of Department in August 2017.
In addition to the Medical Parasitology course for undergraduate students of the MBBS course and the
Allied Health Sciences, the Department is also involved in daily routine investigation of stool and blood
samples received from the Jaffna Teaching Hospital to diagnose the specific parasitic diseases for which
they referred.
By considering the responsibility to function as the regional laboratory to diagnose and investigate the
emerging parasitological diseases in the Northern part of the country, we are presently involved in the
process of establishing an advance research laboratory with the unique sections for immunology,
Molecular biology and culture works. After the successful completion of this project we will be
competent in performing DNA and immunological based diagnosis of any parasitic diseases, prevailing in
the northern population as the service function.