Institutional Objectives of the Faculty

  • To provide an undergraduate training program that will enable the medical graduates of the Faculty to achieve well defined objectives and motivate them to deliver appropriate medical care to the community [See the characteristics of Medical Graduates of Jaffna Medical Faculty].
  • To participate actively in the delivery of health care to the community.
  • To encourage basic and applied research, particularly the identification and investigation of regional and national health problems as well as indigenous medicine and therapeutics.
  • To provide training programs for supporting staff in the health care system.
  • To provide continuing medical education to medical graduates, and participate actively in the training programs of the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine.
  • To promote inter Faculty and inter University academic and cultural activities.

Outcomes of the Medical Course

At the end of the MBBS course the graduate should:

  • Apply basic and behavioural sciences knowledge in solving individual and population health issues.
  • Demonstrate communication, clinical and procedural skills in patient care.
  • Investigate, diagnose and manage common clinical problems and emergencies.
  • Promote individual and population health and institute preventive measures.
  • Utilise IT and record keeping skills necessary for medical practice.
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities, administrative skills and management skills.
  • Perform medico legal procedures and provide expertise to a court of law.
  • Demonstrate self-learning and continuous professional development.
  • Apply the principles of ethical practice in personal and professional life.
  • Educate peers and other members of the health care team.
  • Perform critical appraisal of research literature, practice evidence-based medicine, and conduct research.
  • Enhance public health through promotion of peace and prevention of violence.