Wilson Nicholas Gnanasooriyar Memorial Bursary

Established by Mrs. P. Gnanasooriyar in 1994 in memory of her son late Wilson Nicholas Gnanasooriyar, who was a medical student.

Year of founding- 1994

Original Endowment Rs.217,764.58

Funds available as on May 2022: Rs.60,928.12

Awarded to a deserving student who needs financial assistance, on completing the First examination. Preference to be given to a student who has lost his/her father.

Nagiah Memorial Award

Donated in 1993 by Mrs. S. Nagiah of Colombo.

Year of founding-1993

Original Endowment Rs.31, 000.00

Funds available as at 2022: Rs 1,067.92

Awarded to a financially deserving medical student at the beginning of the Para-Clinical course.

Prof.K.Kannappan's Vasuki Orthodontic Center

Donated by Prof. J. G. Kannappan of South India in 2004.

Year of founding-2004

Original Endowment Rs.160, 000.00

Funds available on May 2022: Rs 16,807.05

Awarded to a deserving student at the beginning of the Para-Clinical course.

Sivathamilchelvil Dr.Thangammah Appakuddy Bursary

Donated by Sivathamilchelvi Dr. Thangammah Appakuddy.

Year of founding- 2005

Original Endowment Rs.175, 000.00

Funds available as on May 2022: Rs 142,717.37

Awarded to two needy students who pass the First Examination.

Dr. C. Sinnathurai Medical Award

Donated by Senator Tan Sri Datuk and Dr. C. Sinnathurai of Malaysia.

Year of founding-1989

Original Endowment Rs.50,000

Funds available as at march 2021: 76,049.29

Awarded to a needy medical student who has completed their first year and failed to obtain or is ineligible for a scholarship. This award may not be held concurrently with any other awards.

Dr.Weerasegaram Sinnathamby Endowment

Year of founding- 1989          

Original Endowment Rs. 110, 000

Funds available as on May 2022: Rs132, 938.11

Awarded to most needy students who has completed the first examination for medical degrees from anaikoodai or Jaffna peninsula.