General Information and Fee


  • Admission to Undergraduate Course – The University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka selects students for all medical schools in Sri Lanka on the basis of their performance in the G.C.E (A/L) examination held by the Department of Examination, Sri Lanka.
  • 100 students are admitted each year to the Jaffna Medical Faculty

Degrees Awarded

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery [MBBS] (Jaffna)for candidates who complete the Medical Curriculum successfully and Bachelor of Medical Sciences [BMSc] for those who wish to opt out after Second Examination for Medical Degrees.

Obligation of the Curriculum

The curriculum is guided by the Subject Benchmark Statement in Medicine, published by the CVCD in October 2004 and the Prescribed Standards for Undergraduate Medical Education of the Sri Lanka Medical Council.

Medium of instruction

The course is conducted entirely in English.

Course Duration

Duration of the entire course is five years followed by one year of Internship.  Each academic year consists of three terms of ten to thirteen weeks each.  End of each term will be determined by completion of the teaching / learning activities allocated for that term.

Teaching & Evaluation

Lectures and Practical classes are conducted in the Faculty.   Lectures for the Final year students are conducted in the clinical lecture hall at the Teaching Hospital.  About 95% of the clinical course is conducted at the Teaching Hospital, Jaffna.  Base Hospital, Thellippalai which is about 16 kilometers from the Faculty and the Chest Clinic, Jaffna are regular teaching facilities for psychiatry and chest diseases respectively.   Preventive aspects are taught in the Community Medicine Project area at Kokuvil and Kondavil.  The students are encouraged to go to wider areas for community programs.

Number of attempts at the examination

Each student is allowed a maximum period of 10 years for the course.  Maximum number of attempts at the examination is restricted to four in the first examination for Medical Degrees and six in others.


The following fees are payable by Sri Lankan students admitted to the Medical course.

New admission and Registration

Registration fee 250.00
Medical fee 250.00
Laboratory deposit 500.00
Student Charter 100.00
Student Identity card 250.00
Orientation fee 250.00
Library deposit 500.00
Record Book Free of Charge
Duplicate record book if lost 1000.00

Renewal of Registration

Registration fee 150.00
Medical fee 250.00

Other Fees

Convocation degree certificate 500.00
Convocation cloak fee 500.00
Convocation supplication fee 500.00
Convocation cloak if lost/damaged 3500.00
Convocation cloak delay payment 500.00 per day
Convocation garland if lost/damaged 1000.00
Statement of results fee 100.00
Duplicate results sheet 500.00
Transcript 500.00 + postage
Transcript – online processing 500.00
Hostel fee 200.00 per month
Hostel deposit/admission fee 250.00

Examination Fee

First Examination for Medical Degrees

Complete examination                         Rs. 1000.00

Single subject                                         Rs. 250.00

Second Examination for Medical Degrees Part I

Complete examination                         Rs. 750.00

Single subject                                         Rs. 250.00

Second Examination for Medical Degrees Part II

Complete examination                         Rs. 750.00

Single subject                                         Rs. 250.00

Final Examination for Medical Degrees

Complete examination                         Rs. 1000.00

Single subject                                         Rs. 250.00

Course Fee For repeat students

Course fee per subject per year                        Rs. 200.00