Counselling Services

Counselling is a wonderful twentieth-century invention.  We live in a complex, busy, changing world.  In this world, there are many different types of experience that are difficult for people to cope with.  Most of the time we get on with life, but sometimes we are stopped in our tracks by an event or situation that we do not, at that moment, have the resources to sort out.  If we cannot find ways to sort this out in our family, with our friends, or with a priest or doctor, etc., then Counselling is a really useful option at these moments.

John McLeod, An Introduction to Counselling, 2003.

Counselling Service for Students

Many members of staff of all faculties were trained on techniques of counselling under IBG of IRQUE World Bank project. Dr. S. Balakumar, Dr. Ms. K. Murugananthan and Dr. S. Kannathasan were trained from the Faculty of Medicine. Students with stress due to family, financial or academic or any other reason may find it useful to discuss their problems with these staff members. Ms. S. Ravichadran, technician in the department of Psychiatry, also is a trained counsellor.

What do Counsellors do?

Help you to work through some difficult or painful emotional, behavioural or relationship problem or difficulty. Councilor will , Listen to you carefully, Give information, Deal with your difficulties from your point of view, Work out with you what you are coming to counselling for, Offer you appointments for as long as you think counselling is needed.

Available Student Counsellors


Period Department Contact Number

E-mail ID

Dr. P. A. D. Coonghe 22.03.2023 – 07.03.2024 Department of Community & Family Medicine 0773153617
Dr. (Mrs). T. S. Navaratinarjah 22.03.2023 – 07.03.2024 Department of Pharmacology 0777888453
Dr. (Mrs). R. Niranjan 22.03.2023 – 07.03.2024 Department of Anatomy 0779231686
Dr. (Mrs). N. Umashankar 08.03.2023 – 07.03.2024 Department of Paediatrics 0777282907
Dr. T. Yoganathan 08.03.2023 – 07.03.2024 Nuclear Medicine Unit 0776263826
Dr. S. Gobishangar 08.03.2023 – 07.03.2024 Department of Surgery 0714245474

Chairperson, Staff Members of Student Welfare and Wellbeing

Dean, ex-officio
Prof. R. Surenthirakumaran

Chairperson / Students’ Wellbeing Centre, Wellbeing Committee
Dr. B. Balagabi    

Dr. A. Murugananthan
Dr.(Ms).Ramya Kumar
Dr. P. A. D. Coonghe
Dr. (Mrs). T. S. Navaratinarjah
Dr. (Mrs). R. Niranjan
Dr. (Mrs). N. Umashankar
Dr. T. Yoganathan
Dr. S. Gobishangar