Management Committee (MCM)

The Management Committee of Medicine (the “Committee“) represents strategy level Committee handling both academic and administrative matters and acting in a decision-making and advisory capacity. It provides high-level executive review and approval of the Faculty’s policies and procedures prior to their referral to Faculty Board for final review and ratification and address issues of concern related to the research and education missions as well as issues related to the academic, administrative and governance of the Faculty.

Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the Management Committee of Medicine (MCM) include the following:

  1. To review and approve policies and procedures with faculty-wide impact. Such approvals are then forwarded to Faculty Board for ratification, as deemed necessary.
  2. To help guide the strategic direction of the Faculty.
  3. To support the Dean and Faculty Board in ensuring that all aspects of the Faculty’s activities undergo continuous quality improvement.
  4. To provide advice and feedback to the Dean and Faculty Board on a wide variety of issues brought to its attention by the Dean and other members of the Committee.
  5. To review and advise the Dean on issues of concern or risk which may impact on the Faculty or the University.
  6. To serve as a forum for discussion of opportunities or issues related to the administrative, academic, students and research missions of the Faculty of Medicine.
  7. To advise the Dean on issues related to governance, administrative or financial oversight.
  8. To monitor
    • Policy adherence and effectiveness
    • Accreditation standards compliance
    • Performance and effectiveness of the committee’s function and implement the recommendation from the Sub-Committees and report to the Faculty Board.
  9. Recommendation to the Faculty Board for the approval.



  1. The Dean
  2. Members:
    • All Departmental Heads
    • All Senior Professors and Professors
    • Chairpersons of all sub-committees
    • Pre, Para and Clinical Coordinator
    • Coordinator for PPDS
    • Coordinator for EBPRM
    • Coordinator/IQAC
    • One most Senior Student’ Counselor from the Faculty of Medicine
    • Senior Treasurer
  3. The Secretary – Assistant Registrar/Senior Assistant Registrar/Deputy Registrar

Administrative structure


The Management Committee of Medicine reports to the Faculty Board.



The Management Committee of Medicine will meet monthly at least ten times per year or otherwise as required in order to perform its functions. The date will be fixed to third week of Thursdays of the month at 11.00 am.  The memos will be circulated prior to the meeting. Special meetings may be conducted based on the needs.


Meeting documents

Meeting agenda, minutes, memos and annexures are circulated to the members and at least five days prior to the meeting.



A quorum for any meeting will be a 2/3 of members.


Conduct of the meeting



Where owing to leave of absence, illness, or other cause, the Head of a Department is temporarily unable to attend the meeting a senior lecturer can be nominated from the department. It is mandatory that all members must attend all the meetings.  If any member is unable to attend, he/she should send an excuse or nominate another member from the department at senior lecturer level. 


Decision making:

If unable to come to a conclusion the decision can be forwarded to the Faculty Board to resolve the problem.



The head of the department must convey the decisions of the meetings to the rest of academic staff through departmental meetings before the next Faculty Board. 


Confirmation of minutes

The minutes will be circulated at the next Management Committee and confirmed. The confirmed minutes has to be placed at the next Faculty Board.