Planning and Development Committee (PDC)


The Planning and Development Committee (PDC) of the Faculty of Medicine (FM) of the University of Jaffna is a subcommittee of the Faculty Board ensuring that the FM achieve the continuous development as expected to deliver good quality of education, research and services. The Terms of Reference of the PDC defines the objective, structure and responsibilities of the PDC.


The purpose of the committee is to review the programme activities/ projects of the FM, recommend development plans and monitor them.


  • Ensuring execution of strategic and action plans of the FM.
  • Monitoring the implementation and progress.
  • Reviewing the activities/ projects and providing feedback regularly.
  • Recommending new development plans.
  • Ensuring efficient use resources.


  • Dean – Ex-officio
  • Chairperson – a senior academic appointed by the Faculty Board
  • Secretary – selected from the members.
  • Chairpersons of the subcommittees of FM
  • Two members other than chairpersons of the subcommittees appointed by the Faculty Board


Prof. R. Surenthirakumaran                Dean, Faculty of Medicine

Dr. (Mrs.) T. S. Navaratnaraja

Prof. (Miss) V. Arasaratnam              Professor of Biochemistry
Prof. T. Kumanan                                  Professor of Medicine
Prof. S. Sivayokan                                  Professor of Psychiatry
Prof. M. G. Sathiadas                             Professor of Paediatrics
Prof. K. Muhunthan                            Professor in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dr. S. Kumaran                                     Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Community and Family Medicine
Dr. A. Murugananthan                       Head, Dept. of Parasitology
Dr. M. Guruparan                                 Consultant Cardiologist, Teaching Hospital, Jaffna
Dr. K. Guruparan                                 Head, Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dr. P. A. D. Coonghe                           Head, Dept. of Community and Family Medicine
Dr. (Mrs.) K. Sanchayan                       Head, Dept. of Pharmacology
Dr. (Miss) S. Ambikaipakan             Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Anatomy
Dr. Brammah R Thangarajah            Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Medicine
Dr. (Mrs.) J. A. Pradeepan                    Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Medicine
Dr. S. Raguraman                                 Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dr. (Mrs.) N. Umasankar                  Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Paediatrics
Dr. S. Gobishangar                               Head, Dept. of Surgery
Dr. B. Balagobi                                     Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Surgery
Mr. N. Arumugathash                         Deputy Registrar/Medicine

Staff Incharge
Mr. S. Sinthujan                                  Management Assistant, Office of the Dean

Administrative structure

  • Tenure
    The tenure of PDC three years and the PDC is reconstituted every three years.
  • Accountability
    The PDC is accountable to the Faculty Board. Minutes of the PDC meetings are sent to the Faculty Board.
  • Meetings
    The PDC meets quarterly or otherwise as required in order to perform its functions. Minimum three meetings are conducted in a year.
  • Quorum
    At any meeting of the Committee, one half of the voting membership plus one constitutes a quorum.
  • Submission of progress reports
    Subcommittees should submit biannual progress reports of the activities/ projects or as requested.
  • Secretarial services to the PDC
    The administrative staff of the Dean’s office and IQAC will provide secretarial and administrative support to the PDC.


The PDC shall review of its objectives and procedures once in three years or as required.