Digital Transformation Committee (DTC)

The Digital Transformation Committee (the “Committee“) is established on 19.08.2020, to assist the board discharging its responsibility to ensure technology-enabled transformation activities and programs align with faculty strategy, achieve intended outcomes, and are effectively managed in a way that mitigates risk. Particular role to play in overseeing this Information Management and Information Technology enabled activities and programs of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna.

The role of the DTC is to build and maintain knowledge and understanding about key technology and digital issues so the board can provide leadership and oversight to advance digital initiatives within the faculty successfully.

The DTC’s role is to ensure the faculty’s digital strategy consistently advances on benefit and at the needed pace, and with clear outcomes and measures that will allow the board to track its progress with confidence.

Objectives of the Committee

The objectives of the DTC are, on behalf of the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Jaffna to govern the direction and monitor the progress of the faculty’s Information Management and Information Technology activities. The DTC will support the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna in its role of influencing, developing, and improving information technology in the digital capabilities of faculty administration. The DTC must ensure Information Management and Information Technology. The DTC should understand, and be able to have input into, the development of differentiators in the digital space.


The Faculty Board will appoint members and Chair of the DTC. It will be appointed by the Board Chair (Dean). The Chair may remove members of the Committee with the recommendation of the Faculty Board. The board may fill a vacancy that occurs in the DTC at any time.  The Faculty Board will appoint two students’ representative (one male and one female).


A quorum for any meeting will be a majority of members (50% + 1).


The DTC shall meet monthly as required. Minimum of 6 meetings must be in a year. The Committee shall determine its procedures for the conduct of the meetings. There will be a recording Secretary for all Committee meetings.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Makes recommendations to the Faculty Board on key decisions related to the digital transformation strategy.
  • Reviews and monitors the overall progress of faculty’ Website improvements compatibility with the approved university’s web policy.
  • Monitors the overall progress of the faculty’ Networking system.
  • Reviews and monitors the overall progress of the Faculty Office Management Information System (FOMIS).
  • Provide the recommendation to the Faculty Board for upgrading the IT facilities for the students’ benefits.
  • Oversee the progress of Virtual Learning Management System.
  • Develop a sound social media strategy.
  • Identify risks and opportunities that could impact the faculty’s digital strategy.
  • Review and monitors the overall progress to the approved schedule of work, milestones, budget, risks/issues, audit and benefits.
  • Recommendation to the Faculty Board for the training/workshop in the relevant field.
  • Submit the yearly strategic/ action plan.
  • Bring the outside in, inviting other voices to speak to issues or developments related to digital transformation as well as share alternative perspectives regarding what is happening in the digital space and what it means.
  • Establishment and function of Information Communication Technology (ICT) Unit.
  • The Committee is responsible for the technical oversight of such ICT related projects including funding, procurement and financial issues.

Operation of the Committee

  • Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to create new or modify existing IT processes to meet changing faculty/university requirements.
  • Promote research and related information about digital transformation.

Performance review of the Committee - Reporting

Minutes of all meetings of the Committee will be submitted to the Faculty Board. The Committee Chair will provide a report on matters not yet minuted and will provide reports to the Faculty Board.