Human Resource Development Committee

Development of human resources is essential for any organization that would like to be dynamic and growth oriented. Unlike other resources, human resources have rather unlimited potential capabilities. The potential can be used only by creating an environment that can continuously identify, bring to surface, nurture and use the capabilities of people. Subcommittee on Human Resource Development (HRD) aims at creating such an environment in our institution.


To ensure the optimal usage of human potential to achieve the vision of the Faculty

To ensure the development and sustainability of the supportive environment (physical as well as social) for the staff

To ensure the development of an institutional culture in which organizational values, relationships, teamwork and collaboration among the staff is thrived. 


The subcommittee on Human Resource Development is comprised of representatives of academic and academic supportive staff. Members are appointed by the Faculty Board. The Dean, Faculty of Medicine will be the ex-officio of the subcommittee.

The subcommittee consists of

  • a chairman
  • four members from academics staff and
  • four members from academic supportive staff.


One of the academic supportive staff functions as the secretary of the subcommittee.

The term of the subcommittee is three years and it is reconstituted by the faculty board every three years.

If a member fails to attend three consecutive meetings without a valid excuse the membership lapses. The chairperson will inform the Faculty Board in writing of such lapse of membership and steps will be taken to fill the vacancy of such member for the rest of the terms.

A member may resign from the subcommittee at any time upon giving notice in writing to the Dean, Faculty of Medicine through the Chairman of the subcommittee.


The subcommittee on Human Resource Development shall meet on 3rd Friday of every other month. Special meetings may be conducted based on the needs. The committee shall develop its own procedures to conduct the meetings. The minutes of the meeting shall be forwarded to the Faculty Board after the confirmation. Office of the Dean, Faculty of Medicine should support for preparing and circulating of meeting agenda and meeting minutes. Other staff shall attend meetings on invitation for specific agenda items.


At any meeting of the subcommittee, one half of the voting membership plus one constitutes the quorum.

Roles and the responsibilities

  • Organize capacity building workshops for all categories of staff
  • Helps to improve the efficiency culture in the faculty
  • Ensure human resources are appropriately identified and mitigated in the strategic planning process
  • Oversee any feedback surveys related to staff performance and make arrangements for rewarding the staff
  • Organize get together for staff
  • Organize programs to motivate the staff
  • Ensure the availability of the necessary facilities to the staff
  • Provide advice and guidance on issues facing by the staff in relation to the institutional and personal development
  • Makes recommendations and guidance to the Faculty Board on key decisions related to the Human Resource Development and Management
  • Ensure establishment of a professional development program that aligns with the current and future needs of the faculty

Performance review of the subcommittee

Confirmed minutes of the meetings of the subcommittee will be submitted to the Faculty Board. The subcommittee shall review its performance annually and the chairperson will provide the report on annual performance review to the Faculty Board.