Scholarship, Prizes & Awards Committee

The Scholarships, Prizes and Awards Committee is a subcommittee formed under IQAC. This committee has been functioning since 1980. Now, as a subcommittee officially appointed by the Faculty board at its 362nd   meeting held on 19.08.2020. The terms of reference have been revised and will be in effect from January 2021 following approval by the Faculty Board.

Objectives of the committee

  1. Maintain the scholarship funds and make appropriate requests to maintain adequate funds
  2. Maintain the funds for the awards and make appropriate requests to maintain adequate funds
  3. Generate more funds by accepting new donors and well-wishers.
  4. Select the appropriate candidates for the awards and honours by a fair and justice process.
  5. Prepare the criteria for each award and update it on the Faculty website maintaining transparency regarding the awarding criteria.
  6. Select the students for the receipt of scholarships combined with the Medical Faculty student’s union and the Jaffna Medical Faculty Alumni
  7. Develop a transparent criterion for the selection of students for the scholarship and publish on the website of the Faculty and call for applications at the appropriate time.
  8. Ensure a fair, justice and transparent selection process for all awards and scholarships.


  1. The members will be selected by calling for interested academic staff to apply for membership and their membership shall be confirmed at the faculty board.
  2. Appointed members shall serve for a period of 3 years.
  3. A chairperson and secretary will be nominated amongst the appointed members.
  4. The secretary shall ensure that the membership is updated regarding the meetings and of all decisions via email.
  5. The secretary shall maintain the minutes of the meetings and submit the minutes to the next faculty board.
  6. The compulsory memberships are Pre, Para and Clinical coordinators, Senior Treasurer and two students’ representatives


  1. Meetings will be held bimonthly
  2. Attendance will be recorded
  3. Agenda will be circulated at least 1 week prior to the meeting

Roles and responsibilities

  • Will chair the meeting
  • Will decide on the next meeting
  • Will vote in the case of any indecision in the awarding of any awards
  • Decide the date for the next meeting with consensus of the committee


  • Will take the minutes of all meetings
  • Ensure that the minutes are circulated amongst the members
  • Ensure that the agenda is circulated at least 1 week before the meeting
  • Maintain the records of the decision and name of award winners and all relevant details
  • Any other maters
  • Prepare the progress report of the committee in consensus with chairperson of the committee


  • Will attend all meetings
  • Participate actively in deciding and shortlisting of scholarship and awards recipients
  • Contribute in any aspect as requested by the chairperson
  • Any member who does not participate in 3 consecutive meetings without excuse will lose the membership. This decision will be made with the consensus of the members and the final decision will be by a vote. The chairperson will abstain from voting.


Operation of the committee

  • The committee will meet once in two months
  • There should be at least a minimum of 5 meetings per year
  • Will function cooperation with the donors and the JMFOA

Performance review of the committee

  • Will be prepared every year by the secretary and submitted to the Faculty board
  • This will include accounts, award winners and inclusion of any new donors