Faculty Board

The Faculty Board consists of all permanent members of academic staff, three external members to represent professionals related to the discipline and two student members. The Faculty Board in Jaffna is extended to include all academic staff including temporary staff. The Faculty Board meets on every second Wednesday of each month and discusses all matters related to activities in of the Faculty. All decisions relating to academic and research activities should be approved by the Faculty Board before submission to the Senate of the University. Student members are excluded when matters related to examinations are discussed.

Staff Members

Prof. R. Surenthirakumaran, Dean

Department of Anatomy
Dr. Ms. S. Uthayakumar
Dr. Ms. S. Ambikaipakan
Dr. T. Chenthuran
Dr. (Mrs.) R. Niranjan
Department of Biochemistry
Prof. Ms V. Arasaratnam
Dr. (Ms). Thurka Paramanathan
Dr. K. Kandeepan
Nuclear Medicine Unit
Dr. T. Yoganathan
Department of Physiology
Dr. (Mrs.) M. Sooriyakanthan
Dr. (Ms.) Kausala Sithamparapillai
Department of Community Medicine
Dr. P. A. D. Coonghe
Dr. S. Kumaran
Dr. B. Kumarendran
Dr. Ramya Kumar
Dr. S. Suganya
Department of  Pharmacology
Dr. (Mrs.) T. S. Navaratinaraja
Dr. (Mrs.) Y. Guruparan
Dr. (Mrs.) K. Sanchayan
Department of  Pathology
Dr. (Mrs.) H. Sivakumar
Dr. (Mrs). Balavally Joseph Thanenthiran
Department of  Microbiology
Prof. (Mrs.) K. Murugananthan
Dr. (Mrs.) V. Ambalavanar
Dr. (Mrs.) G. Lakshy
Department of  Parasitology
Dr. A. Murugananthan
Prof. S. Kannathasan
Department of  Medicine
Dr. (Mrs.) V. Sujanitha
Prof. T. Kumanan
Dr. (Mrs.) G. Selvaratnam
Dr. (Mrs.) J. A. Pradeepan
Prof. N. Suganthan
Dr. (Miss.) A. Arasalingam
Dr. Brammah R. Thangarajah
Dr. (Ms). Karthika Balendran
Department of  Obs & Gyn
Prof. K. Muhunthan
Dr. (Mrs.) G. Bavani
Dr. Kandaiah Guruparan
Dr. S. Raguraman
Department of  Paediatrics
Dr. (Mrs.) N. Umasankar
Prof. (Mrs.) M. G. Sathiadas
Dr. (Mrs.) T. Sathees
Department of  Surgery
Dr. S. Gobishangar
Prof. S. Raviraj
Prof. S. Rajendra
Dr. S. Thuraisamy Sarma
Dr. B. Sayanthan 
Dr. B. Balagobi 
Dr. (Mrs). B. Senthuran
Dr. R. Senthuran
Dr. K. Kandeepan
External Members appointed according to 48 (1A) (f) of the University Act
Prof. S. Sivayokan
Dr. T. Sathiyamoorthy
Dr. T. Gobyshankar
Elected Members among the Lecturer(Probationary) appointed according to 48 (1A) (c) of the University Act
Dr. (Mrs.) Jathavani Mario Maznet Theepan
Dr. S. Vinojan
Invited Member
Mrs. K. Murugathas, Senior Asst. Librarian
Dr. U. Mayorathan, Consultant JMO, THJ
Student Members appointed according to 48 (1A) (e) of the University Act
Mr. Mathumilan
In Attendance
Mr. N. Arumugathash, Deputy Registar
Assigned Staff 
Mr. S. Sinthujan, Management Assistant-Gr-I