Research and Higher Degree Committee

The Research and Higher Degree Committee (RHDC) is a subcommittee of the faculty board, governs the research and higher degrees of Faculty of Medicine (FM) of the University of Jaffna (UOJ).  The committee monitors, reports, recommends/ advises and supports the activities related to research and high degrees of the faculty. Activities of RHDC are discussed at the faculty board and approved by the faculty board and either informed to or forwarded for approval of Senate of UOJ. 

Functions and responsibilities

Functions and responsibilities of the committee are to

  • Monitor and report the activities research and higher degrees
  • Receive and review the progress reports and provide feedback/ recommendations
  • Receive, recommend, follow up the applications for research allowance
  • Provide advice on research priorities and infrastructure needs for the faculty
  • Develop/ review institutional research policies to improve the quality of the research activities
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures for relevant research systems and processes
  • Establish annual review process for Faculty research and higher degree activities
  • Organizing research seminars and workshops
  • Provide administrative support in writing for grants, proposal writing etc.
  • Develop a publication strategy and a process for wider dissemination of research outputs

Composition and term of Research and Higher Degree Committee

Members of RHDC are appointed by the faulty board.  The term of the Committee is three years and the committee is reconstituted by the faculty board every three years. 



  • The Chair – Appointed by the Faculty Board. Must be senior academic.
  • Committee members – Appointed by the Faculty Board consisting of at least one member from each academic department.

Administrative Structure


The RHDC is accountable to the Faculty Board. Minutes of the RHDC meeting are sent to the Faculty Board.



The RHDC meets every other monthly or otherwise as required in order to perform its functions. At least six meetings must be conducted per year.

Special meetings may be conducted based on the needs.


Minutes and agenda

Minutes and agenda are circulated at least seven days prior to the meeting. Urgent papers will be taken up at the meeting itself.


Submission of applications / documents

Applications for research allowance or documents for review should be submitted one week prior to the scheduled meeting by the dean’s office.



At any meeting of the Committee, one half of the voting membership plus one constitutes a quorum.


Conduct of the meeting


Any member who is absent for three consecutive meetings will be replaced.

Decision making:

Generally, decisions are made by consensus. Where a unanimous decision is not reached voting is permitted.

Secretarial services to the CDEC

The administrative staff of the Dean’s office will provide secretarial and administrative support to the RHDC.

Confirmation of minutes

Unconfirmed minutes are circulated to members prior to the next meeting. At the meeting, the minutes (with any necessary changes) will be confirmed. The minutes will be proposed, seconded, and recorded in the minutes.   In case of urgent matters, the minutes will be read twice and confirmed in the same meeting. 


The RHDC shall review of its policies, practices and procedures over the preceding annually.