Library Committee

The Library Committee is established on 19.08.2020 after the revision of the Sub-Committees of the Faculty of Medicine recommended by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna. The Library Committee will function within the bylaws and policies of the University of Jaffna.

The scope of the Library Committee is to recommend, support, and promote appropriate procedures for efficient and effective access to high-quality information and learning resources and information services to improve its’ user efficiency.

Objectives of the committee

  • Develop the Medical library strategy to support the overall strategy of the Faculty of Medicine.
  • Represent the interests of the medical library users to the Faculty Librarian.
  • Act as a forum for the discussion of matters relating to the provision of library services.
  • Through its members, inform faculty members and students about library issues.
  • Provide recommendations to improve the quality of information resources and efficient quality information services to the members of the library.


The membership of the Library Committee shall be comprised as follows:

Senior Assistant Librarian of Medical Library (1)

Academic staff members representing Preclinical, Para-clinical, and Clinical departments of the Faculty of Medicine. (2 from each)

Student representatives (2) [ Phase 1 student -1, Phase 2 student – 1]

Total nine (9) members

Nomination of Committee members and the Chair of the new Committee shall take place annually through the Faculty Board of Faculty of Medicine.


The Library Committee will be comprised of (9) nine members. A quorum for any meeting will be a majority of members.


The Committee will meet as required to fulfill its remit and will meet at least four times (4) a year.The Chair may convene additional meetings if it is felt necessary for the efficient performance of the Committee.  A formal minute will be prepared and submitted for approval at the next meeting of the Committee.

Roles and responsibilities

  • To identify strategic medelopment paths most conducive to appropriate library provision
  • To identify strategies for library funding and staffing to enable the medelopment of the faculty library
  • To identify learning resources related to the faculty educational programs
  • Make recommendations related to medical library management
  • Make recommendations to weed out books at regular intervals
  • Make recommendation to upgrade library facilities
  • Facilitating and conducting information literacy courses
  • Identifying limitations and implementing appropriate strategies
  • To support and promote the services provided by the Library

Performance review of the committee- Reporting

Minutes of all meetings of the Committee will be submitted to the Faculty Board.

Review/ Amendments

The Library Committee shall review the relevance and value of its work at the end of each annual year. Any amendments in the terms of reference shall be with the approval of the Faculty Board.