Mrs. Komathy Murugathas

Mrs. Komathy Murugathas

B.Sc. (Hons) (Agri.) (Peradeniya); MLS (Colombo)
Senior Assistant Librarian (Grade I)

Full papers in Journals

  1. Murugathas, K., Sritharan, T., &Santharooban, S. (2020). Health information needs and information seeking behavior of pregnant women attending antenatal clinics of Jaffna Teaching Hospital. Journal of the University Librarians Association of Sri Lanka23(1), pp.73–90.

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Full papers in Conference proceedings

  1. Murugathas, K., &Navaneethakrishnan, S. (2016). A Bibliometric assessment of research literature on Ebola virus disease based on Scopus database. National conference on Library and information studies, 23rd June 2016. 94-100

  2. Murugathas, K&Thayaparan, N. ( 2013). A study on purchasing power of periodicals by the medical library, University of Jaffna during the period from year 2000-2012. Proceedings of the NILIS symposium 2013, University of Colombo, sri Lanka, 23rd Nov,2013. 163-172


Research Communications (Abstracts)

  1. Murugathas, K. &Chandrasekar, K.(2013). Usage of electronic information sources by the undergraduates of Allied Health Sciences, University of Jaffna (Abs.).In: Gamage, Ruwan (ed.). Abstracts of the 10th National Conference on Library & Information Science (NACLIS 2013), Colombo, 27 June 2013, pp. 20-21. Colombo: Sri Lanka Library Association

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    Available at:

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Feature articles

  1. Murugathas, K (2022). Importance of referencing in writing scientific papers. Newsletter Library, University of Jaffna, 591),10-11.

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