Prof.S.Raviraj - MBBS(Jaf), MS(SL)

Professor in Surgery



    1. Professor in Surgery since 14.10.2019 up to now
    2. Senior Lecturer Grade 1 in Surgery since 01.06.2012 up to now.
    3. Senior Consultant Surgeon Board Certified since 17th January 1999 up to now.
    4. Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna since 14.09.2015 up to now.

    Professional Summary

    1. Intern Medical Officer 1st May 1985 – 30th April 1986.
      Senior House Officer –1st May 1986 – 30th September 1993.
      Registrar in Gen. Surgery -1st October 1993 – 28th February 1997.
      Senior Registrar in Surgery – 1st March 1997 –14th April 1998.
      Acting Consultant Surgeon –15th April 1998 –16th January 1999.
      Board certified consultant in General Surgery –Since 17th January 1999 up to now.
    2. Worked in Teaching Hospital as a Senior House Officer and later as a Consultant during the critical war period.
    3. Visiting Senior Lecturer in Surgery, Jaffna Faculty of Medicine since 1999 up to 01.06.2012.
    4. Appointed to the post of Senior Lecturer Grade-I in surgery at the University of Jaffna in 2nd August 2010 and reported to the Post on 01.06.2012 (due to delay in getting release from Health Ministry).
    5. Appointed as a Head/Department of Surgery with effect from 2.10.2012.
    6. Chief Examiner for professor Surgical Final Exam since 2004 up to now.
    7. Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna since 14.09.2015 up to now.
    8. Professional Services rendered for Thirty Years (27 years in Ministry of Health and 4 years in Higher Education Ministry).
    9. Involved in Teaching for the last twenty-five years in Faculty of Medicine University of Jaffna and Teaching Hospital, Jaffna for Undergraduate Medical Students and Paramedical students.
    10. Trainer and Tutor for trainees in Gen. Surgery Post graduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo for last Twelve years


    1. Acted as a Director, Teaching Hospital, Jaffna from 2005 to 2007 in the absence of any departmental appointed Directors.
    2. Acting Director, Teaching Hospital, Jaffna from 2007 to 2012 when Director, Teaching Hospital was on leave.
    3. External member of the Jaffna University Council from 2008 to 2012.
    4. External member of council university of Jaffna appointed by UGC 2 / 7 /2008 – 1/7/ 2011 and again 29/7/2011 for a period of 3
    5. Co-ordination of Professorial Surgical Unit in absence of Faculty staff since 2004 to 2011.
    6. Head of the Department of Professorial Surgical Unit since 2012 up to now
    7. Dean Faculty of Medicine University of Jaffna since 14th September 2015.
    8. Coordinator for postgraduate programmers at the PGIM – surgery since 2004 up to now.
    9. Senate nominee of Jaffna University Council from 2012 upto 14/9/2015.
    10. UGC nominee for Management Committee – P.G.I.M University of Colombo up to now.
    11. Board member of General Surgery – P.G.I.M University of Colombo from 2002 to 2015.
    12. Board member of General Surgery specialty P.G.I.M – University of Colombo from 2010 to 2012 and 2014 up to now.
    13. President Medical Faculty Alumni Association from 2012 up to now.
    14. President Medical Faculty Teachers Union for last three years.
    15. President of Jaffna Medical Association from 2010 to 2012.
    16. Council representative Jaffna chapter, college of Surgeon Sri Lanka since 2013 up to now.
    17. Bio External board member of Faculty of Medicine University of Colombo from 2007 to 2012.
    18. Jaffna chapter representation / council member of College of Surgeon.
    19. Council member of Sri Lanka Medical Association.
    20. Member of Hospital development Association from 2002 to 2012.
    21. Member of Hospital management committee from 2002 to 2010.
    22. President of Sri Chandrasekhara pilliayar Temple Chunnakam since 2010 up to now.
    23. Vice President of OBA St. Johns College from 2014 to 2016.
    24. Chairperson of St. Johns Sports club 2015 – 2016.
    25. President – G.M.O.A Jaffna branch from 2003 to 2


    Teaching pathology and anatomy since 2002 up to now

    Teaching and guiding as an examiner for Allied Health Sciences students in surgery, anatomy and Pathology for last seven years.

    There was no academic staff in the professorial unit since 2004 to 2011. The whole work load including Clinical Teaching, Lectures conducting the exams as a chief Examiner shouldered by me during the above mentioned period even though I was in the Ministry of Health. I also involved in Curriculum revision and looked after the Department of Surgery as a help to the Faculty and students.


    1. Supervisor, Trainer and Tutor for M.D-Surgery (Doctorate in Medicine) Candidates which include Registrars in Surgery, Senior Registrars in General Surgery and senior Registrars in General Surgery with Special Interest.
    2. Registrars in General Surgery: for last 15 years.
    3. Senior registrars in General Surgery: for 8 years.
    4. Registrars in General Surgery with Specials interest for 3 years.
    5. Examiner for M.D Part I –Surgery since February 2004 to July 2008.
    6. Examiner for M.D Part II –Surgery since February 2009 upto now.
    7. I have assessed twenty candidates’ dissertations who had successfully completed the doctorate in medicine in General Surgery.
    8. I supervised M.D Surgery research work for last 5 years,each year two candidates

    I involved a resource person and participant in several CPD program/Extension courses/Short course

    1. CPR and PTC Course -20th to 22nd January 2004 organized by JMA as resource person for Abdominal and Pelvic Trauma.
    2. CPR and PTC course 10th to 11th April 2004 organized by JMA as resource person for Limb Injuries.
    3. CPR and P.T.C course 24th to 25th April 2004 organized by college of Surgeons Sri Lanka as resource person for chest Injuries.
    4. War Injuries primary Management 3rd June 2004 organized by I.C.R.C – War Injuries primary management Resource person – Skill work shop – chest Injuries.
    5. War Surgery Seminar – 12th July 2006 organized by I.C.R.C – Resource person – challenges faced by the delayed War Injuries.
    6. Medical Education Development and research Centre (MEDARC) course – Medical Education 7 Curriculum change 6th August to 18th August 2007 at Hotel Janaki Involved in curriculum revision of Surgery, anatomy and pathology
    7. Medical Study programme funded by QEF under IRQUE project of World bank
      Course – work shop on curriculum development in19th to 23rd January 2009 at Hotel Janaki

     Involved in curriculum development of Surgery, anatomy and pathology

    1. Work shop for P.G.I.M examiner at P.G.I.M Colombo on 28th September 2009 Participated in the discussion during the work shop.
    2. Pre congress workshop – NIROGI MATHA and NIROGI PAADA – 9th July 2013.
    3. College of Surgeons Regional Session – in work shop on “soft Tissue Management” Resource person – Skill work shop .
    4. L.M.A Pre congress work shop on health challenges in Jaffna – The way forward at Tilco Hotel Jaffna on 27.01.2012 – Resource person – The Surgical aspects in Teaching
      Hospital Jaffna.
    5. “Lions for Stoma care” project L.F.S.C 2014 stoma care workshop from 20th to 24th January 2014 at Teaching Hospital Jaffna. Resource person – The way forward to organize stoma care unit in Teaching Hospital Jaffna.
    6. Medical curriculum revision at medical faculty-20.
    7. Medical curriculum revision for Allied Health Science-5.
    8. Laparoscopic Skill workshop organized by JMA with live Telecast in 2010- Resource person – Explaining the skill procedures to Registrars and SHOs.
    9. Laparoscopic skill work shop organized by Prof. Surgical department main Resource person –Mr.Tan Arulamplam-2015.
    • An uncommon thyroid carcinoma sclerosing mucoepidermoid carcinoma with eosiniphilia of thyroid gland

             Dr.s.Thuraisamy Sarma, Dr.R.Vaheesan,Dr.s.Raviraj published in Jaffna Medical Journal volume 26:1        September 2010.

    • A non-invasive papillary carcinoma arising in the Thyroglossal duct cyst-A case report

              R.Vimalaranjan,R.Dhanaraj,S.Raviraj published in jaffna Medical Journal Volume 27:1 November 2011


    • An uncommon cause of  recurrent urinary tract infection- a case report

             R.Vaheesan,S.Raviraj published in jaffna Medical Journal Volume 28:11 November 2012


    • Boer have syndrome treated conservative management followed early diagnosis Dr.S.Raviraj,

             Dr.T.Sarma,Dr B.Balagobi published in the Batticaloa Medical Journal Volume:-06 August 2014  46-47


    Adminis fracture Experience

    Dean-Faculty of medicine University of Jaffna  14th September 2015 up to now

    Head –Surgery

    PROFESORIAL  unit  -2.10.2012 to 13.9.2015

    Acting Director – Teaching Hospital Jaffna  2004-2006


    President of recognized organization

    • President Medical Faculty Teachers union – University of Jaffna – 2015/2016 + 2019/2017
    • President of Medical Faculty Alumni Association  University of Jaffna -2002 to 2017
    • President of Jaffna Medical Association 2010 to 2012
    • President Jaffna chapter –College of Surgeon Srilanka 2012-2016
    • President of old Boys Association S.T. Johns College Jaffna 2015-2018
    • President of Government Medical officers Association Branch union –Teaching Hospital Jaffna 2003/2004, 2007/2008



    1. Post graduate programmers at Teaching Hospital Jaffna 2002-2015
    2. Co-ordinator for core curriculum development of Surgery for final year Medical students for all state Medical faculties

    Member  ship of councils or Board of Management or Board of study

    1. Member of Board of Management P.G.I.M. Colombo 2013- up to now
    2. Member of Board of study of General Surgery with Special interest P.G.I.M Colombo 2009 to 2015
    3. University Grant Committee appointed university council Member 2011-2012,  2008- 2011
    4. External member of Faculty Board –Medical Faculty University of Jaffna 2004-2011
    5. Member of Srilanka Medical Association –Board  2012-uptonow  Member  ship
    6. Member of Personal and Professional conduct committee –SLMC- 2018- up to now
    7. Council Member of College of Surgeons Srilanka 2013-2016
    8. Member of SLMA Esco committee -2012
    9. Member of Teaching Hospital Jaffna management committee 2017 up to now
    10. Member of Specialty Board of General Surgery with Special interest PGIM Colombo 2015 up to now


    Other Memberships

    1. Member of Sri lanka Medical Council-Registration number-8761
    2. Life Member of Sri Lanka Medical Association
    3. Life Member of Jaffna Medical Association
    4. Life Member of Jaffna University Science Association
    5. Life Member of the College of Surgons Sri Lanka
    6. Life Member of the College of General Surgeons Sri Lanka
    7. Member of Postgraduate institute of Medicine Colombo