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Applications are invited from the Academic Year 2018/2019 (42nd Batch) of students for the above bursary.


This Bursary to be awarded  monthly for one year to two needy medical students after  reviewing the financial position of the students by the Scholarships, Prizes & Awards Committee of the Faculty of Medicine.  Until the backlog is cleared, the students who are awaiting the Professorial appointments are eligible to apply for this bursary.  Once the backlog is cleared, the 4th year medical students who are not receiving Mahapola/ Bursary will be eligible to apply for the above bursary. Students who are the recipients of scholarships and other awards such as MIOT, Alumni should declare the details in the application form.


Please send your applications which is available (click here) at the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Medicine, together with your income details and copy of the Bank Account on or before  09th June 2023.