Duke – National University of Singapore Medical Students training program collaboration with Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna

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Duke – National University of Singapore in collaboration with Jaffna medical faculty planned to arrange a training program to their medical students to learn about the preventive care activities, field level preventive care programs, preventive sector and curative sector coordination, community based palliative care, mental health programs and care for cancer patients. Sri Lanka is a country, which preventive care indicators are compared to developed countries and return on investment to health is very high, so this program had been beneficial to Singapore medical students’ learning perspective.

Established in 2005 through a partnership between Duke University School of Medicine in the USA and National University of Singapore, Duke-NUS provides a critical learning environment that draws from the best of both universities to prepare doctors and scientists who can transform the practice of medicine and improve lives.

Duke – NUS planned to give one-week training to their medical students with collaboration of Jaffna Medical Faculty from 02.04.2023 to 07.04.2023. Four academics and seventeen graduate medical students were attended the training program. Their main objectives of this training program were

  • To learn about the Sri Lankan health system.
  • To learn how preventive care activities are happening in the ground level.
  • To learn how preventive and curative sectors coordinate to provide services to the people.
  • To learn how palliative care given at the community level and institutional level.
  • To learn about how mental health provision and Cancer care provision happening.


  • 1st of April evening they arrived Sri Lanka and Jaffna medical faculty team received them at the airport.
  • 1st of April evening Governor of Northern province met the Duke – NUS medical students and academics.
Meeting with Governor of Northern province Hon. Jeevan Thiyagarajah.


  • 3rd Apr: Medical students visited Jaffna Teaching Hospital to learn about health system in Sri Lanka, see outpatient and inpatient areas, ward, clinics, Operation Theatres.
    Session at Jaffna Teaching Hospital cardiology unit with Consultant Cardiologist Dr. M. Guruparan


    At Jaffna Teaching Hospital with TH Jaffna director Dr. T. Sathiyamoorthy


    At intensive care unit TH Jaffna
  • 4th Apr: Home visits were led by Consultant Family Physician and visited to district/community/primary care hospitals for the learning. Medical students visited schools to learn about school health activities on the same day.
Students at school medical program.
  • 4.2023 and 5.4.2023 Sing Health team participated in community outreach activities of Family Health Center, Kondavil
  • 4.4.2023 Singh Health team visited to Family Health center and participated in home visits and multi-disciplinary team discussion regarding Home-based geriatric care as Morning Session
Students at family health centre Kondavil.


Students at family health centre Kondavil with Consultant Family Physician & senior lecturer Dr. S. Kumaran


  • 4.2023, In lunch time, the team had a trip inside the Fauclty of Medicine premises
Students learning from Prof. R. Surenthirakumar Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Jaffna.


Students at Jaffna Medical Faculty


Students at Jaffna Medical Faculty Anatomy Museum.


  • 4.2023 Evening, Singh Health team visited to Pediatric Neuro Development Clinic, Green Memorial Hospital, Manipay
Students at Green memorial hospital Manipay.


  • Then, the team discussed about Neuro rehabilitation in Institute of Medical Sciences, Manipay
Students at Neuro rehabilitation in Institute of Medical Sciences, Manipay.


Students at Green memorial hospital Manipay


  • 5th Apr: Medical students visited Kilinochchi to learn about health screening program.
  • 4.2023 Full day, Singh Health team involved in rural health care delivery in Uttupulam, Killinochi District

Students at rural health care delivery at Kilinochi.


Consultant Family Physician Dr. S. Kumaran examining a child.


  • 6th Apr: Medical students visited to a poly clinic at Ariyali to learn about ante – natal care activities, vaccination, child welfare activities and well women program.
Students at Polyclinic.
  • They visited Jaipur Centre to learn about prosthesis and orthosis and how multi- disciplinary team work for amputees.

Students at Jaipur center.



  • Same day evening medical students visited Tellipalai base hospital to learn about peripheral hospital screening, mental health program (looking at population health) and palliative care to cancer patients.