Women’s Day Celebration

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Women’s Day was commemorated on 27th of March  2024, orchestrated by the Departments of Gynecology and Obstetrics, and Community and Family Medicine, in collaboration with the Center of Digital Epidemiology. Under the theme of “Empowering Women, Thriving Communities: Illuminating the Vision for Health Development,” the event aimed to empower women and foster community well-being.

The ceremony commenced with a traditional cultural event featuring the lighting of the oil lamp, graced by esteemed guest  including Prof. S. Srisatkunaraja, Vice Chancellor, University of Jaffna. Prof. R. Surenthirakumaran, Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Dr. T. Sathiyamoorthy, Director,Teaching hospital, Jaffna along with Mr M.Pratheepan, Additional  District Secretary, Dr.P.A.D.Coonghe,Head,Department of Community and Family Medicine,Public Health Inspector, public Health Midwives, a representative from mothers’ club and community health care worker.

During the welcome address, Dr. S. Raguraman extended a warm welcome to the chief guest, along with other distinguished guests and the entire audience. Dr. S. Kumaran delivered a keynote speech addressing the challenge of patients arriving at hospitals in advanced stages of illness due to various barriers. He proposed training community members as intermediaries to guide patients to seek medical care promptly, with a focus on women’s societies. This comprehensive approach integrates medical education with grassroots outreach, empowering communities and enhancing overall health. Active engagement with stakeholders ensures sustainability and success, leading to positive change throughout the healthcare system.

To break the monotony of continuous addresses, a compelling drama titled “Triumph: Embracing the Thorny Journey” was presented to the audience. This  performance, enacted by community health workers, underscored the significance of empowering women in enhancing community-level well-being. Through vivid storytelling and emotive portrayals, the drama highlighted the challenges faced by women and the transformative impact of their empowerment on the broader societal health landscape.

The subsequent segment featured an address by the esteemed Chief Guest, Honorable Mrs. P.S.M. Charles, Governor, Northern Province. In her speech, she underscored the imperative need for empowerment, citing the practical impossibility of progress amidst women’s subjugation. She expressed gratitude for the initiative spearheaded by the Medical Faculty, particularly its launch in Kilinochchi, and extended heartfelt appreciation to all involved for their unwavering dedication.

Following her address, Professor R. Surenthirakumaran took the floor, emphasizing the importance of empowering students to identify and address community challenges. He stressed the need for continuity, progression, and sustainability in project endeavors, highlighting the pivotal role of maternal missionaries. He called upon the audience for their support, pledging assistance in their endeavors.

Concluding the series of speeches was Dr. Parameswaran, representing the Provincial Health Service. He invoked the notion of victory lying ‘behind the wings’, assuring steadfast support from their end.

The event culminated with a vote of thanks delivered by Miss V.Kirushnavi expressing gratitude to all participants and collaborators for their invaluable contributions and commitment to the cause.