Dr.N.Suganthan - MBBS(Jaffna), MD(Colombo), MRCP(UK), MRCP(Ireland), MRCPS(Glasg), MRCP(London), MSc(Medical Toxicology)(Colombo)

Senior Lecturer (Gr II)
Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna, Telephone No: 021 2228129 Fax No : 021 2222073 email : drn.suganthan@yahoo.com

Field of Specialization:

General Medicine


    Head, Department of Medicine, University of Jaffna.

    Head (Acting), Department of Psychiatry, University of Jaffna.

    Senior Lecturer, Department of Medicine.

    Honourable Consultant physician, Teaching Hospital Jaffna.

    Student Counsellor

    Warden, Medical students Hostel, University of Jaffna

    Member of Expert committee of snake bite in Sri Lanka, SLMC Medical.

    Centre coordinator for ERPM, Teaching Hospital, Jaffna –SLMC.

    Supervisor for post-graduates’ studies/courses

    Adjunct senior Lecturer James Cook University, Queensland, Australia.



    Post Graduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo

    Member of Board of Study in Medicine.

    Member of Board of Study in Multi-Disciplinary Speciality Courses (MDSC).

    Member of Board of Study (Speciality) in Toxicology.

    Member of Board of Study in Sports Medicine.

    Trainer for MD-General medicine training programme

    Visiting lecturer in Sports Medicine, PGIM, University of Colombo.

    Tutor in Medical toxicology (MSc), PGIM, University of Colombo.



    Examiner for Final MBBS examination(Medicine)

    Examiner for 2nd MBBS examination (Physiology & Bio chemistry)

    Examiner for 3rd MBBS examination (Pharmacology, Microbiology & Pathology)

    Examiner for Allied health science Unit, University of Jaffna

    Examiner for ERMP, Sri Lanka Medical Council

    Examiner for final MBBS – Other state Universities.

    Post Graduate

    Examiner for MD(General Medicine) I & II, PGIM, University of Colombo.

    Examiner in Sports Medicine (Diploma and MD), PGIM, University of Colombo

    Examiner in MSc- Medical Toxicology, PGIM, University of Colombo

    Life Member of Ceylon College of Physicians

    Life Member of Sri Lanka Medical Association

    Council Member of Sri Lankan society of Internal Medicine.

    Member of Royal College of Physicians –London

    Member of Royal College of Physicians-Glasgow

    Member of Royal College of Physicians-Ireland

    Member of American College of Physicians

    Member of Jaffna Medical Association

    Member of Senate-University of Jaffna